Ratings Guide

Onto my ratings guide:

One Star: OH MY GOD. WHY DOES THIS BOOK EXIST. KILL IT WITH FIRE. Before it lays eggs (sequels).

Two Stars: Colossal waste of my time. Screw this book. Not even worth picking up.

Three Stars: Liked it, quite nice.

Four Stars: Oh wow, that’s a great book.

Five Stars: Excellently written and worth my time completely.

Now to get more detailed:

These alphabets will accompany the stars and explain how much the book has affected me (positively, negatively or neutrally) and the further down the scale, the less I liked the book.


B: Book Hangover shall be painful.

C: Cute novel.

D: Dare I pick it up a second time?

E: Easily forgotten.

And so on. I’m not about to list all 26 of them. I don’t think I’ll be finishing a book if it gets past F. And we all know what F stands for.


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