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Hope you’re excited as heck, because I have the first look aka COVER REVEAL for Dahlia Adler’s Right of First Refusal happening in this post! *squeals*

Having read Just Visiting by her, I am completely in love with her writing and I cannot wait for this one. I’m not making you wait any longer, here’s the blurb:


On the lacrosse field, Cait Johanssen gets what she wants. Off the field is another story. Because what she wants is the school’s hot new basketball student-coach, Lawrence Mason, who also happens to be the guy who broke her heart in sports camp two years earlier.

But it’s Cait’s new roommate who’s got him.

Cait and Mase agree it’s best to keep their past a secret, but she doesn’t expect him to completely ignore their history…or how much it’ll hurt when he does. So when a friend on the basketball team asks her to pose as his girlfriend for a night, Cait can’t turn down the opportunity for distraction. (Okay, and a little spite.) But what starts as an evening of fun turns into a fake relationship with more lies than the usually drama-free Cait can handle, and it’s only keeping her from the one truth that’s nagged at her for years: Why did Mase cut her out of his life to begin with?

And is it really too late to get him back?


Doesn’t that sound amazing? Well, here’s the gorgeous cover to go with that blurb:


Um, hello beauty – amirite?

Here are all the links for you to pre-order this baby as soon as you can:

Preorder links:

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For all your Goodreads purposes:  Goodreads

(Expected publication: March 15th, 2016)

About The Author:
Dahlia Adler is an Associate Editor of Mathematics by day, a blogger for B&N Teen Blog by night, and writes Contemporary YA and NA at every spare moment in between. She’s the author of the Daylight Falls duology, Just Visiting, and the Radleigh University series, as well as over five billion tweets as @MissDahlELama. She lives in New York City with her husband and their overstuffed bookshelves.
 Cover Photo & Author Photo provided by Maggie Hall.
 I can tell you from personal experience that @MissDahlELama’s tweets are funny and they are almost always a rec, which is bloody amazing.
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My 2016 Reading Challenges & TBR

Hey guys,

This is just a short post before college resumes tomorrow and consumes me, detailing all the challenges I’m taking part in this year.

That’s a lot of challenges, and even though I’ve signed up for them I’m not putting too much pressure on myself to adhere to them very strictly. I’m a huge mood reader and with college and assignments and all that jazz, it’s already going to be hard enough to keep track of my TBR. I’ve got my bookshelf all organized and now it’s easier to pick up books that I bought and read before I go out and buy some more. I won’t be posting any specific book lists for any of the challenges, but I’ll probably update them in my journal and on Twitter.

Some of the books / series I aim to finish this year include ones like Cinder, Throne of Glass, the standalones I received / bought all through last year including authors like Neil Gaiman and also finish series like The Raven Cycle (is it April yet?).

Other than that, in January I’ll be participating in the TBRTakedown hosted by Shannon from Leaning Lights.

The books I’ll be reading for the challenge that begins on the 4th and continues till the 10th of January are:

Most Recent Haul: Red Queen (Also a buddy-read with a lot of peeps through Sarah’s Rock My TBR.)

Outside my comfort zone: The Space between Us (Also a University Read that I should’ve finished in the holiday.)

First of a series + FIRE Colours: Cinder

Book on my TBR: The Great Gatsby (Another Uni read. I really should’ve read these in December.)

Sequel: The Visitor (More on this below.)

In addition to all this, I’m also going to be reading the entire Animorphs series over the course of the year. I just really want to read this series in completion. While growing up as a pre-teen, I devoured as many books I could find –but never the entire series. So now that I have managed to locate the book, I’m going all out. These were one of the series that I loved and fell in love with and I think these books might be why I adore Science Fiction even if some of it goes above my head. So in the best tribute, I’m reading all the books. There are about 54 and they’re relatively small so it won’t be a lot of trouble.

Here’s hoping I accomplish if not all, then most of these reading goals. May 2016 be a year filled with books and reading and knowledge of the best kind.


Forget the fairytale, all I want is the library.

Until next time,

Nia Carnelio.