Hey guys,

You know how sometimes, out of the blue, you realise that you haven’t read a certain book(s), and that your life can pretty much be described as a teensy bit of a failure because of that reason? You might to up Stairway To Heaven and be Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, but you’ll be sent straight down the Highway To Hell because you haven’t read a particular series of books.

Yeah. That.

And so my dear friend/ buddy person Rhea from Rhea’s Neon Journal and I decided that it was time we read The Grisha series, since everyone but us seems to have read, loved and flailed over it already. And of course, we’d like to read it before we start reading Six Of Crows! We’re going to attempt to close the year with these books, and a Mini Buddy Read seemed like the best way to go. I’ll have a series review up as soon as we’re done.

Also, I pretty much copied this from Rhea’s post and I promise to have more of my posts coming soon. Life kinda came in the way and I sincerely apologize for that. I promise, that in the New Year (and even before that) you’ll be see me writing and shizz much more frequently.

Until next time,

Nia Carnelio.

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