Beckon Me – Cindy Thomas | Three Stars

Book| Beckon Me (Beckoner #1) by Cindy Thomas

Genre| NA / Romance / Paranormal

Publishing Date | 28th March, 2015

My Rating | 3 STARS

Beckon Me

Beckon Me


-I received a free e-copy of this book from the author, but this did not influence the review in any way-

Beckon Me is the story of Karina and Eli, and their unique…abilities and their professional choices. The book starts off when Karina and her best friend Rainey get into a nasty incident which results in Rainey’s death. And now, Karina can see her dead best friend’s ghost. Which is not a very pleasant thing, eh?

The book is New Adult, with Karina, our protagonist in college, which is where she sees Rainey all around her, meets Gabby (the human) and Eli (the token hot and mysterious guy who just so happens to be her much needed tutor in the Beckoner Training). I really like the premise of the novel, but unfortunately, when it took 22% of the novel to start getting interesting, that was not a good sign.

Jared. Wow.


Karina wasn’t a very good heroine. I found her spineless and shallow several times, very dependent on Eli and oh my god, the guy keeps ignoring you, take a hint and drop interest or at least be a little less blatant! It’s very hard to sympathize with Karina when she doesn’t even make an effort, just lies in her created world of self-pity. Gabby, the supporting character seemed to have more flavour at times and for that matter, so did Eli. In fact, the most exciting the novel was around the end, with the inclusion of Eli’s tutor Drew, who was just sassy enough to pick up the pace of the novel.

But even then, nothing major happens.



Karina’s actions were probably written as something a grief-stricken friend would be going through, but that failed to come across, especially when she was swooning over the unattainable hot guy living right next door (how very convenient). Oh, and what was with introducing her ex-boyfriend who switched colleges just to be with her? That whole sub-plot fell flat onto its face.

Simply speaking, it was the difference in the story idea and the curiosity to see where it would lead was what kept me going. A lot of the times, I was just like “Come on!” – for places that needed more action and for the protagonists.

The novel is decently written, an average read. I won’t be picking up the second book voluntarily anytime soon. Because the finale of a fight scene was really not written well, nor was the ending a cliff-hanger, motivating me to pick up the next one. Neither do I care enough about Karina or Eli to read more about them. The insta-love(ish) trope did not really work in this novel.

And so a measly three stars, which at this point isn’t a very good rating. There are better NA Paranormal / Romance books out there; I wouldn’t really recommend this one.

Until the next one,

Nia Carnelio.


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