The Duff – Kody Keplinger | 4 Stars

Book| The Duff by Kody Keplinger

Genre(s)| Young Adult / Contemporary / Romance

Date of Publication| Movie Tie-in Edition – 25th February, 2015

My Rating | 4 (very well-deserved) STARS


The Duff

The Duff


Book(s) – The Duff by Kody Keplinger


Tears – None

-I received a free galley of this book from NetGalley but this did not affect the review in any way-

The Duff. Designated. Ugly. Fat. Friend.

I’m honestly not sure if this book was the reason the term came into being, if so, then that is amazing. This is not so much a review as it is what I loved about the book. If you need to have a look at the blurb, I’ll link you right here to the Goodreads one.

The book is nothing if not realistic. Kody Keplinger was 19 when she wrote this and she has finally managed to capture the actual teen girl in her book. From Bianca’s sassiness, to her escape methods, to the wrong decisions she makes to the things she overcomes, this book has such an honest feel to it.

I read this on a day when I was feeling extremely low, I felt like the DUFF of my group. And Bianca was so much like me in comparison to her friends that I began to relate to her almost immediately. But even then, even though Bianca was all ‘I-don’t-like-parties’, there was no shaming of her friends who did, just simple observation of how people who like different things can also be best friends.

The plot was just right, not too overdone, and not too little. A perfect blend of humour (there were several LOL moments) and teenage angst, sprinkled with what we know as hormones and feelings, the book grasped the fucking idea pretty damn well.


Wesley, our hero was very, very honest and upfront about his sexual activities. From the time he mentioned how he’d have sex with anyone, irrespective of how they looked because sex is sex and is supposed to make you feel good, I knew this one had brains. He was also very hot, and that didn’t make matters worse either.

Bianca and Wesley = Explosions, and it was bloody amazing to read about. From seeing them go from enemies to sort-of-friends with benefits to lovers, the book had me hooked throughout. I laughed and cried and marvelled at how real the book was. Problems were dealt with maturely, and best thing was – the high-school-popular-girl-is-a-bitch trope was changed so beautifully that I was beside myself. Vicki, the popular girl in school was a good supporting character too.

So cool.

So cool.

Every single supporting character had a lot to shape in the book. And I loved them all dearly. I finished the book in less than six hours, and that included giving and exam in the middle of it all. Told you, I wasn’t having a good day, but this book cheered me up immensely. You did well, Keplinger, loved this masterpiece of yours.


And now, since I read the movie tie-in edition ARC, I also watched the film. And I have some things to say.

First of all – WHAT THE FUCK.

Who let those bloody people butcher the plot like that? They made Bianca and Wesley neighbours, he calls her The DUFF and how does she react? By asking him for help with a makeover!



THE BOOK BIANCA PROMOTED SELF-LOVE, SELF-ESTEEM AND POSITIVE BODY IMAGE, but fuck the good messages yeah, Hollywood? In the book Bianca really came across as someone everyone would be inspired by, would learn good things from. In the movie, they made her a cross between an Easy A reject and a Mean Girls groupie. Her best friends who play major parts in the book made cameo appearances in the film because she dumped them both four or maybe fourteen minutes into the film. They also made fun of her choice of clothes, dragged her to stuff she didn’t want to go to and were crappy friends to a crappy person.

The mean girl trope angered me to no reason. Madison was created as the Regina George of The Duff world and man, did she live up to it. From posting videos to being a real Class-A bitch, she did it all. She even got left up on stage by Wesley, our charming manwhore who falls for the nerd who has a transformation during Homecoming. Such  a novel plot, however did the makers think of this?


Other than the character names, the very, very faint skeleton of the plot, the movie was absolute rubbish at sticking to things. Of course, if watched alone, it was probably an average teen flick, but this was the movie adaptation of a great book and they spectacularly ruined it.

Sigh. Stop Hollywood from butchering books, 2015.

Until next time,

Nia Carnelio.


Everything Everything – Nicola Yoon | 4 Stars

Book| Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon

Genre(s)| Young Adult / Contemporary / Realistic Fiction

Date of Publication|1st September, 2015

My Rating | 3.8 STARS [ROUNDED TO 4 STARS]




Books, Feels & Tears TM


Spoiler Alert: You’re gonna love this book to death.

There are some books you just don’t know how to review. For me Everything Everything is one of them. It’s a cute book, yeah, but how much did it make me feel things?

The book tells the story of Madeline, an 18 year old who has a disease called SCID, something that makes her allergic to the outside world. So she stays in her sterile bubble of protection. But then comes along Olly, and that is when she falls in love.

So that’s the gist, very cute, very cliché. Took me about five days to read the book simply because of my on-going exams but it is a very small book (about 320 pages or so) and it is written in the form of emails, notes, IMs, little illustrations all of which made reading the book so much fun. I loved the novel way the book was written, points for that.

The USP of the book in my humble opinion is not the plot, or the characters or even the way it was written, it’s how much love Nicola Yoon has put into the book. Every page seems loved, cherished and it makes it so much more fun to read. I love the plot too, don’t get me wrong, but while I didn’t know SCID existed before this book, I still don’t know much about it. And the romance was awfully cute, but a tiny bit abrupt too and most of the times other than her eagerness and impatience to experience the outside world, I never did understand Maddie’s motivations.

The characters in the novel are brilliantly diverse (Maddie is half Japanese, half African American – taken from Nicola’s own daughter – SO CUTE) including a Latina nurse who is a lovely person and one of my faves from the novel. Olly is a refreshing young male, although I do not know how real he is. I did like his character development and his unique characteristics throughout and another thing that made me very happy – Maddie is a book blogger. And her reviews are so freaking cool. They’re written the way I started the review, which is another reason why you should pick this gem of a book ASAP.

Onto the part that everyone has spoken about at length in their reviews, the plot twist that attacks you somewhere during the gradual ending of the novel. Unfortunately, I guessed it around 68% (Would be wise NOT to look at my Goodreads status speculations.) I also did find the ending a bit too tied together for real life, unreal stuff like that almost never happens and if it does, there are consequences.

So I rated this book a cute 3.8, but the thing is that I liked it too much to give it a 3-tag rating and review and so I’ve rounded this up to four. And I’ve given it a C for the cute novel that it is. Overall, it’s a brilliantly conceived novel, with some great characters and I’ve heard people actually don’t see the plot twist coming (I’m the anomaly then) so I urge you, if you’re a fan of Contemporary, realistic fiction in the young adult genre to pick this one up.



Also, for those who have read the book and haven’t figured out the two Everythings on the cover – one is for the Everything she had during her SCID row time and the next one, with flowers and plants and colour and all, is supposed to represent her life’s change after Olly’s arrival and their subsequent consequences.

Book(s) – Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon

Feels – Some, some very cutesy feels.

Tears  – None.

I was provided a free galley of this book from NetGalley which did not affect my review in any way.

Until next time,

Nia Carnelio.

Beckon Me – Cindy Thomas | Three Stars

Book| Beckon Me (Beckoner #1) by Cindy Thomas

Genre| NA / Romance / Paranormal

Publishing Date | 28th March, 2015

My Rating | 3 STARS

Beckon Me

Beckon Me


-I received a free e-copy of this book from the author, but this did not influence the review in any way-

Beckon Me is the story of Karina and Eli, and their unique…abilities and their professional choices. The book starts off when Karina and her best friend Rainey get into a nasty incident which results in Rainey’s death. And now, Karina can see her dead best friend’s ghost. Which is not a very pleasant thing, eh?

The book is New Adult, with Karina, our protagonist in college, which is where she sees Rainey all around her, meets Gabby (the human) and Eli (the token hot and mysterious guy who just so happens to be her much needed tutor in the Beckoner Training). I really like the premise of the novel, but unfortunately, when it took 22% of the novel to start getting interesting, that was not a good sign.

Jared. Wow.


Karina wasn’t a very good heroine. I found her spineless and shallow several times, very dependent on Eli and oh my god, the guy keeps ignoring you, take a hint and drop interest or at least be a little less blatant! It’s very hard to sympathize with Karina when she doesn’t even make an effort, just lies in her created world of self-pity. Gabby, the supporting character seemed to have more flavour at times and for that matter, so did Eli. In fact, the most exciting the novel was around the end, with the inclusion of Eli’s tutor Drew, who was just sassy enough to pick up the pace of the novel.

But even then, nothing major happens.



Karina’s actions were probably written as something a grief-stricken friend would be going through, but that failed to come across, especially when she was swooning over the unattainable hot guy living right next door (how very convenient). Oh, and what was with introducing her ex-boyfriend who switched colleges just to be with her? That whole sub-plot fell flat onto its face.

Simply speaking, it was the difference in the story idea and the curiosity to see where it would lead was what kept me going. A lot of the times, I was just like “Come on!” – for places that needed more action and for the protagonists.

The novel is decently written, an average read. I won’t be picking up the second book voluntarily anytime soon. Because the finale of a fight scene was really not written well, nor was the ending a cliff-hanger, motivating me to pick up the next one. Neither do I care enough about Karina or Eli to read more about them. The insta-love(ish) trope did not really work in this novel.

And so a measly three stars, which at this point isn’t a very good rating. There are better NA Paranormal / Romance books out there; I wouldn’t really recommend this one.

Until the next one,

Nia Carnelio.

The First One – September First, Two Thousand And Fifteen

Hey guys,

If you’re an old follower of my Summer Blog, you’ll be a teeny bit surprised to see this post labelled as ‘The First One’. But this is the first official post on my newly revamped Summer Blog – turned – Book Blog. Cool eh?


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But we have to keep moving ahead. To new adventures!

But we have to keep moving ahead. To new adventures!



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Lots of Feelsplosion will be happening here.

Lots of Feelsplosion will be happening here.

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So cool.

So cool.

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