The Mechanics Of Mechanica

Hey guys,

I know it’s been a while but exams and internals and college fests have kept me really busy. And I’ve also been revamping this blog into my new book blog. I doubt I’ll post very often which is why I don’t really want to merge it with my primary blog.

But anyway, before I can digress any further, I have to tell you guys that I have been a Mechanica Street Teamer since August. Mechanica, by Betsy Cornwell Lyons comes out today (25th August, 2015) and is a brilliant steampunk retelling of Cinderella. Cool eh?

Mechanica higher quality

It’s been lovely interacting with fellow street-team members and promoting the book across my social media platforms, especially since the little bit I have managed to read of the book (on Noisetrade) has me hooked. I’m just eagerly waiting for my exams to end and for my holidays to finally begin so I can get back to reading in peace. I’ve been struggling to finish Clockwork Princess while managing around sixteen assignments and internal tests. Whew!

August has been a great month for me so far, my fest went brilliantly and the Malhar Blog has finally crossed 10K hits which is stellar news because it has been run by an Organiser with a recovering dislocated knee. What I would like for all of you to do to make August great for Betsy is to go and either get the book from your local book stores or to order it from either Amazon or Book Depo.


Retellings are something I have come to discover very recently and I think The Wrath and The Dawn has been my first official retelling, which I read in July. I’ve yet to pick up a Cinderella retelling (yes, even Throne of Glass is lying on my shelf along with several other unread books) and hopefully, Mechanica is the first one I pick up post the torture that is being inflicted upon me in the form of objective and subjective tests and MLA format assignments. Sigh.

So, join me in wishing a very happy Book Birthday to Mechanica, by Betsy Cornwell and if you haven’t pre-ordered it already, go get off your asses and buy it ASAP. You’ll want to read this one, trust me.

Oh, and find my Mechanica stuff here:

8tracks Playlist – Mechanics of Mechanica

Polyvore Outfit: The Mechanisms of Mechanica

A cool new Mechanica themed background for your laptop and your phone:


DISCLAIMER: None of the above pictures are mine, both of those have just been put together and edited by me on Pixlr.

Get your copy, today!

Until next time,

Nia Carnelio.