ARC Review: Between The Notes

ARC Review: Between the Notes

Book: Between the Notes by Sharon Huss Roat

Genre: YA / Romance / Contemporary

Publishing Date: 16th June, 2015

My Rating: 4.9 Stars on 5



So BTN is the very first YASH book win that I picked up, I wanted to read it before it released and review it too. Co-incidentally, it is also my first physical ARC, my first Author Interview was also given by Sharon Huss Roat, the author this amazing book.

So the book starts off pretty normally – protagonist is told she has to move, to the bad side of the town, leaving her huge home, her piano and all of her luxuries. But there’s something different in this book. Ivy, our MC, has an intellectually disabled brother who is six and who needs therapy.

She meets a cute guy (James) and the bad boy of the school (Lennie) is her neighbour. She really likes James, but are those sparks between Lennie and her?

I really, really liked the book because this time I could relate and understand both sides of the coin, even if I was only seeing one side of it – through Ivy. I felt bad for Ivy, because she lost her life, the one she as accustomed to and the idiot living next to her made fun of her and humiliated her. On the other side, I felt for Lennie too – he was used to be treated like scum by Ivy and her friends back at school and he probably didn’t deserve it.

One quote in particular stuck with me, and I remember it, just not word to word.

“I want the best for him, but it sucks that it means the worst for all of us.”

As an older sibling, I relate immensely to this. But since Brady needs more help than others, it’s refreshing to see how this isn’t painted on a something that’s taboo. I’ve read enough books where the disabled sibling is a shameful secret to the rich protagonist’s family and reputation and it’s only when the love interest shows an inclination to acceptance does it actually become positive. That’s twisted. This book is written well, labelling Brady as a challenge, and as their personal hero. The love that the family has for him, irrespective of what’s happening to them is such a delight to read about.

Reesa, the best friend, Lennie the next-door-bad boy, James, the cute one, the twins, the parents, and the evil ones are all very well thought secondary characters. And the flow was smooth and quick at the same time, it didn’t drag much. It’s a bit longer than other YA books at 400 pages but it is worth it.

I took out a bit of the rating because of the overdone trope: good girl meets bad boy etc. etc. But instead of giving it a 4.5 like I normally would’ve, there’s another aspect to the novel I loved – the musical element -Ivy’s love for her piano and her stage fright among other things.

  • So this reader is completely clueless. I saw the cover several times, marvelled at its simplistic beauty but after several views did I find the piano room. And it took someone to tell me the title was related and symbolic to piano NOTES – Between the NOTES. Seriously, what.

This is the only book after Simon vs. And Alive that I really liked so much, it’s probably getting me out of my slump.

I really think you should pick this book up; it hits the stores today and look out for my interview with Sharon Huss Roat immediately after this post.

Read it, love it.

Until next time,

Nia Carnelio.

-I won a free copy of this book but that did not influence my review in any way –


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