Of T-Swift And GoT

Hey guys,

I’ve spent the second to last day, well last day of waking up really late today. Other than that, I’ve done nothing other than Malhar Blog research. And listening to Taylor Swift songs. God, how did I live with disliking her?

In other news, I got my Game of Thrones show companion books today! Whoo! It came as surprise at ten in the night, especially since it was a couple days back that I won it!

Blogging 24x7.

Me, when I got the book. 

go, tyler.

go, tyler.




I think if I have time, I might do a video of the unboxing and opening tomorrow. Sounds good, eh?

Here’s my tweet with four pictures of the two hardcover, heavy as hell books!

Other than that, Matthew Phillion’s The Indestructibles made it to me today! Six more YASH books to go! And a couple others to come from other giveaways! 😀

Hope you’re having a good day!

Until tomorrow, which will be my last post on here: The End of Summer 2015.

Nia Carnelio.


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