My Thoughts On Pitch Perfect 2

Back in 2012, I’d watched Pitch Perfect. And I had loved it so much that I continued watching it [pieces of it] for another three years.

Today, the torrent gods finally made Pitch Perfect 2 available. I knew what I was going for when I started the film. The promotions for PP2 had started way back in October-November 2014. And back then I thought their marketing team was amazing, I still do, kinda.

We’re Back Pitches. Pitch Slapped. Pure gold puns and taglines.



But then I realized they didn’t know the difference between promotion and oversharing. SO MANY VIDEOS AND UPDATES began storming YouTube and Facebook and everywhere since Jan. Heck, the final sequence, one part of it made it online before the film even released and I was sorely disappointed by it.

Everyone knows you don’t watch those films for the plot, you watch it for the A Capella music. But this time, the Bellas sucked. The newbie was boring, the Bellas whiny and boring and I could go on and on. And we all know the ending. They win the World Championships. EVEN AFTER DAS SOUND MACHINE PERFORMED FALL OUT BOY, AFTER PENTATONIX and the Indian guys – so sterotypical. Satire at its worst.

The plot is utter rubbish. No, two hours of the movie are nothing. No direction – in fact, the Bellas even play a short game of Wipeout during Camp. They never seem to practise, just end up singing highly choreographed songs.

Das Sound Machine deserved to win it fair and square. Every song in the film was boring. More than half of the cast had nothing but cameos. Pitch Perfect was Bella’s film [whose surname is Mitchell? I did not know that], PP2 was an amalgamation of Becca, Emily, Fat Amy and Chloe. I only watched it to the end because I love Anna Kendrick and Adam Devine [who was reduced to a comic caper in a completely avoidable role].

This film shared too much before it was released and had nothing left to show us. Sigh, what a waste of perfectly good talent. I am very disappointed.

Clearly, they didn't.

Clearly, they didn’t.

Two stars, one for Anna and one for Adam. I’ll probably watch the third movie to see if anything has improved. Probably not though.

– still wondering how pentatonix lost to these losers. and to das sound machine. what even. –

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.


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