Book Review: Blood Promise, Vampire Academy #4 by Richelle Mead

Hey guys!

I finally read another book in May, the last one being The Mistake? I think. Eh, for reasons I’ve still not finished The HitchHiker’s Guide To the Galaxy which I started way back in Feb. May has been a slow month for me, it’s been too hot to read and too easy to watch Castle. But hey, I finally got through Blood Promise, all 493 pages worth of it. And it was a task, let me tell you that.

Took me three days and two hundred pages to get into the book. Here’s my review:

Name: Blood Promise, by Richelle Mead


Genre: YA Paranormal

Published: February, 2010

Rating: Three Stars

My Review: [Spoilers]

If I had to describe this book with one word, it’d be – long. At 493 pages, this book moved excruciatingly slowly. I’m not kidding, it took me way more than 200 pages to finally get into the book. And after a short fast paced action, we again get to read really boring stuff before being catapulted to the ending in the last hundred pages or so.

I’ve come to realize these books are far longer than they need to be. The first book was just right, now, the plot seems stretched out and predictable.

Rose Hathaway is still a delightfully strong character and Lissa is still the pushover, I mean, come on – if you need the heroine to come and help you out when she’s thousands of miles away and through a mind link no less, you’re weak and boring and totally not interesting to read about.

Dimitri is probably the character I loved best after Rose. Seeing him, changed through her eyes was pretty damn cool. The scenes with him were the most interactive and interesting in the whole novel. The last fight was pretty spectacular too and I really enjoyed reading it.

Character development for Rose, Adrian, Dimitri and even Christian came through very well. Can’t say the same for Lissa though. She’s still the delicate darling. But other characters were not fully explored – Sydney, Abe, Avery -they had potential but it seems like they were just accesories.

The ending was predictable and everyone who possessed a functioning brain would know that since Rose didn’t stick around, Dimitri was clearly alive and kicking. I kinda figured about the Strigoi to human thingy too. I figure the next book will be about that? I dunno if I want to invest my time in two more of the same dragged out plot lines and books.


The book would’ve been crisper if it’d been shorter and too the point. Setting up the locales and getting the reader familiar took too long and instead of going through with the book in a day or so, I took 4 days. Also, what’s up with the extended prologue. Every reader who picks it up will automatically know it’s a series, there wasn’t any need to do a three book recap in fifty or so pages scattered through the books.

All in all, a pretty average novel. I need to find something that will blow my mind. I’ll be reading The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater next.

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.


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