The Ryan

It’s STORY TIME with me!

So, here’s where I tell you about my run in with boys who were called Ryan. Where I live, there seems to be an abundance of guys with that name, all of them in and around my age group. A fact: I know SEVERAL Ryans.

  1. shocked
  2. The first Ryan, was the younger brother of my ex-best friend and I developed a huge crush on him back when I was twelve? Some time around then. But I never told him, and he never expressed interest. So I kinda moved on.
  3. With a boy named Ryan who was in my year at the All Boy’s School close to All Girl’s School I went to. He seemed to like me and I wanted a boyfriend [to prove I could have one] and when the nice guy asked me out, I said yes. It was hella awkward. No, really. I cringe every time I think about that June in 2011.
  4. I broke up with boyfriend Ryan in July 2011, we lasted twenty days before I realized I was too young [14] to commit and not look at any other guy. Noble intentions, not.
  5. friends7
  6. A little before the crush and the boyfriend, I really, really liked Jake Ryan on Hannah Montana and I rooted for them, until it all went downhill. I’m covering every Ryan on the list here.
  7. In 2012, I volunteered at a children’s summer camp in my church and another Ryan there, lent me his Percy Jackson books to read. He gave me all the books that were out. He was a huge guy, a little dark, but he seemed nice to me. My pride would tell me it’s because he kinda liked me, but I never did get to know. And now I never will.
  8. It was around this time I watched The Proposal and fell in love with Andrew, the character played by Ryan Reynolds. I shipped him and Bullock so much throughout the movie.
  9. One of my former best friends also had a sorta boyfriend named Ryan.
  10. I know and dislike two other Ryans.
  11. I now have a humongous crush on Detective Ryan from Castle. His eyes are so, so blue. They remind me of Misha’s eyes.
  12. I have a feeling I’ll be meeting more Ryans in my life. Or reconnecting with the old ones. Sigh.

God, I hope none of the Ryans [especially, my ex], or the ex-best friends or the former friends or anyone who knows me reads this post.


Anyway, that’s my tale of The Ryan. Have you anyone in your life with the name of someone else you know?

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.


2 thoughts on “The Ryan

  1. cupcakesnstars says:

    Hi, Nia. I accidentally stumbled upon your blog and I like it. It’s good (except for that So Many Ryans post. Bit disappointing that one.) But anyway I look forward to reading more interesting (hopefully) stuff from you. Good luck.

    Liked by 1 person

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