The Forgotten Day

Hey guys, technically I’ve  not written today. It’s past midnight where I live and I only just remembered I hadn’t posted anything. The date will still show up as 28th May though, since WordPress doesn’t operate on IST.

I didn’t do much today,  slept a lot and read Vampire Academy and watched Castle. I’m one third of the way down with season four. It’s moving quickly this time  and I fear my heart won’t  remain whole  after this.

I’ve got college tomorrow and that means I’ll have to sleep a bit earlier. Cleaning duties. I’ll be travelling one hour to and fro to clean the comps room which will take my friend and me less than half an hour. I wasn’t kidding when I said this was a student run fest. But I’ll be meeting my best friend and so it won’t be a waste.

Hope you’ve had a more productive day and haven’t forgotten to blog or do your daily tasks.

RIP Charlie.

RIP Charlie.

Have a good one.

Until tomorrow,



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