Not The Oscars But The Liebsters

Hey guys,

So yesterday I was nominated for the Liebster award. I’ve been given / nominated for this before on my primary blog, back in April 2014. Well, Brittany from BrittanyMarieReads, this time on my summer blog. So yay, let’s get on with it.


The deets: 

The Liebster Award is a way for members of the blogging community to recognize new bloggers/blogs. It is a fun way to support our fellow bloggers and create a sense of community. The rules seem to vary a little depending on who is giving the award but here are the basics:

  • Nominate ten blogs and let them know you have nominated them
  • Each nominee must have under 1000 followers
  • Provide a link to the blog that nominated you
  • Answer the questions that they have provided for you
  • Create ten new questions for the blogs that you have nominated
  • Create a post that includes all of this information

The blogs I nominate will be at the end. Now, I’ll answer Brittany’s questions and ask some of mine.

1. If you could choose any finished series to come out with one more book which series would you choose?

Well, Harry Potter. But not technically another book about him. I want a Marauder Era book. Or seven of them, I’m not complaining. 

2. If you could choose any series to become a television show which series would you choose?

Oh umm, probably Castle. Would be really fun to read. Or Supernatural, sans the Wincest or any of that nonsense. I’m all cool with Destiel though. It’s time they made it canon. 

3. Which character do you think was poorly cast in a movie based on a book? And who would you have cast instead?

The whole Percy Jackson cast. Come on, from eleven to seventeen? That’s not making a leap, that’s changing the whole fucking plot of the series. A better Annabeth and sticking to the books would’ve catapulted the series to HP like fame. 

4. Which character death was the hardest to deal with and why?

I did feel really bad when Sirius and Fred and Remus died. But the first time I shed a tear over a book was over Anna, from My Sister’s Keeper. And countless fanfictions have made sure I cry every time I think about how James and Lily Potter died. 

5. If you could spend the day in any fictional world which world would it be?

Oh, wow. the possibilities are endless and each one of them are deadly. I’d love to spend a day in the Harry Potter universe or the Supernatural one. But I’d probably be a muggle in the former and dead in the latter. 

6. Imagine that you can have any fictional character “guest star” in a fictional world other than its own. Which character would you choose? Which world would you have them appear in? Why?

I would love for Sam and Dean to guest star in Harry Potter. They’d kill off Voldemort like that *snaps fingers* and James and Lily would still be alive and happy with Harry. Also, Sam and Dean are a single unit -you can’t have one without the other. 

7. Which character do you most identify with?

Dean Winchester. And Hermione. My love for my sibling, my obsession with books is something that’s a combination between the two characters I love. 

8. If you could choose any book or series to come out with a companion cookbook that contained recipes for food and drinks mentioned in the book which would you choose?

Harry Potter. We have the some amazing things already, but hey – leaping chocolate frogs, actual booger flavoured Bertie Bott’s and Firewhiskey and wow. You’re in gastronomical heaven.  

9. If you could choose any book or series to be turned into a videogame which would you choose?

I don’t actually play video games but tweaking the question, I’d love to play a game involving solving crimes and all just like in Castle or well, Sherlock. 

10. If you could choose any supporting character to get their own book or series who would you choose?

From books, it would be Sirius and Remus from Harry Potter, giving me the Marauders and from shows, it’d be Andy from Modern Family. I really, really like him. 


  1. Name your favorite book(s) or series and tell me why.
  2. If you could save any two characters from the books you’ve read, who would they be?
  3. Pick One: Fifty Shades of Grey or Twilight. [State reasons].
  4. Which book are you currently lusting over?
  5. If you could kidnap any character from shows or books who would it be? Remember, they’d be living with you.
  6. Describe your blog in five words.
  7. Who’s your inspiration? [Or what’s your inspiration?]
  8. If you had to kill, what or whom would you kill for?
  9. Which shows do you love?
  10. What’s the most terrible scene you’ve read / seen / watched?

The bloggers: 

Good thing I made so many friends these past two months.

Listen, I painstakingly added each one’s blogs, so you better check ’em out. They’re really cool, okay. Off you go with a T-Swift gif to accompany you.

Strutting like a boss.

Strutting like a boss.

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.


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