Of Castle and OTPs

“Do I look like a killer to you?”

“Yes, you kill my patience.”

Castle is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows, and I have a theory why.

Don't blow holes in my ship.

Don’t blow holes in my ship.

Castle and Beckett remind me of James and Lily AU [Alternate Universe] and Esposito and Ryan remind me of Sirius and Remus respectively. Ryan is a pale, smart, soft person, just like Remus. Esposito is a bold, fun and hot guy like Sirius, not that Ryan is hot. Beckett and Castle bicker like James and Lily do and it takes them six to seven years to get hitched, you see what I mean?

Castle is the living embodiment of James’ witty and amazingly fun personality. Beckett is a fun and smart and beautiful woman. Come on, this show is literally my OTP in the flesh. Can you blame me for breezing through two seasons?

James and Lily are my one true pairing okay? Nothing tops them.

God, I adore Caskett.

God, I adore Caskett.

That’s also why the Never Never Part Two review hasn’t surfaced yet.

Until next time,

Nia Carnelio.

[New episode of GoT today, how many of you are gonna watch it?]


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