My Brother’s Keeper – Supernatural Season Finale

As I write this, Carry on My Wayward Son is playing. I need the constant music so  I won’t burst into confused, yet highly emotional tears. The perils of loving a show so angsty and emotional where you fall in love with every character, big or small.

It was back in Summer ’14 when I started Supernatural, hoping to watch one of the shows Tumblr proclaimed was one of its biggest fandoms. Nine seasons and two months later, it was my favorite show of all time. And contrary to popular belief, it was not only because of the extremely attractive cast. I felt a connection to the show. As an older sibling who’d do anything to keep her younger brother safe and happy, Dean was the one I related most to. His inner geek, his love for his family, his loyalty, all reminded me of myself several times. I formed attachments with many characters. Some I found independent (Bela), some loyal (Bobby), some hot (Castiel), some I loved (Sam) and some I adored (Crowley) but there was none other than Dean I loved most. I felt for the poor kid, he had to grow up way too fast.

There are better shows, sure. But this one has my heart.


So I’m going to be recapping the season finale here. So if you haven’t watched it yet, don’t read. Don’t torture yourself. Watch it, and then come and talk to me.

So, the finale. [Listen to Back in Black as you read]

Very dramatic, one again the theme was love, brotherly love, Winchester love.

The intro opens with the instrumental version of Carry On My Wayward Son sung by the girls during FanFiction [10×05] before it morphs into the Kansas sung track as it shows us important scenes of the season. I almost burst into tears when they showed us Charlie’s death all over again. BRING CHARLIE BACK.

In the episode, Sam is creating bullets to kill Rowena, lest she doesn’t hold up her end of the deal. There’s a BM [hardcore Supernatural fans will get it] scene between Cas which turns agitated as Sam tells us how much Dean really means to him.

We see Dean trying to literally drink himself to death as he works a case of Vamps. Rudy, who seems to be an incompetent hunter doesn’t want to listen when Dean tells him to back off. There’s a comic scene when a Sheriff make a pun about the dark stuff Dean has seen and the mark it left on him. Hehe, that part got a smile out of me. I was surprised that I even managed to do something other than cry during the episode.

But Dean did act like a judgemental dick when he spoke about the dead girl and her choice of clothing.

He then proceeds to scare the fuck out the family while on the other side, Sam and Cas have to cut another deal with Rowena who needs some simply weird things for the spell – the forbidden fruit, the golden calf and something Rowena loves. I was very impressed when those things were asked. Mythology has been a Supernatural favorite since the first season and the atrocious and the bigger, the better.

The way Rowena pronounced the latin names for the ingredients was pretty funny too. Sum Sum Liba  da da da. And variations of those.

Dean goes to clean out the vamp infestation and let’s Rudy die. I don’t blame him, Rudy should’ve listened. And then, he did tattletale on Dean with Sam.

‘Dean’s not really in the best place right now.’ 

That’s an understatement to say the least. Entrusting Cas with the task of seeing the spell through, Sam comes to find Dean. In the meanwhile Dean has seen Cas’s and Rudy’s bloody faces and bodies in the mirror and thrashed the room in his fury. Sam finds the motel and the Impala parked outside with a note: ‘She’s all yours.’

Two observations here: Dean loved Baby, why would he leave her considering he knew he could never kill Sam?

And two, Dean’s handwriting is rather nice.

And then the best part: Cas trying to cut a deal with Crowley. Now, I was hoping for a kiss and all that jazz but I guess kisses are forgone between friends. Also, Cas has been acting like such a useless puppy all season. Even after he managed to get his grace back from Metatron. Cas, hasn’t been using his powers at all. Using a car to get to places, not reviving Charlie, begging Crowley instead of making him get the stuff, Cas has been so quiet. He’s a main character and he seems to have gotten too little screen time with absolutely no plot points or help in furthering the plot. Other than that whole business with Claire and Jimmy and her mother. Sob sob, boo hoo. Boring.


We give Death food, and Dean wants him to kill him. No shocks there. But then we get the real zinger, Sammy has to be killed – by Dean no less. I knew it wasn’t going to happen, they loved each other too much to let that happen. Sam overpowered Lucifer for Dean. Dean crawled out of Hell and purgatory for Sam. There was nothing they wouldn’t do to get their brother back.

Dean calls Sam over, tells him that he has to die. A whole spiel of I’m evil, No Dean, you’re not, later, Sam caves. After a brutal fight between the boys, where Dean hits Sam so bad he starts bleeding. This is the scene, with the music and all that got me crying.

Sammy's Tear.

Sammy’s Tear.

Jared and Jensen’s acting in this scene was fantastic. Jared’s portrayal of Sam who would do anything if it meant his brother was safe, Jensen who’s acting of the emotionless Dean was pretty damn good.

“Sammy, close your eyes.” 

And after an emotional scene later, where my tear ducts were overflowing, we see Sam show Dean his pictures, the ones in his box, the ones the Stynes almost burned.

One day when you find your way back, let these be your guide. They can help you remember what it was to be good, what it was to love. 



Jared. Wow.

Jared. Wow.

And then Death hands over his scythe to Dean to finish the job. And Dean swings.


But you can kill him.

But you can kill him.

This makes zero sense. No one’s gonna die now? Reapers? What. How do you kill Death? Heck, how does a human kill something that can kill God? WE NEED ANSWERS, WE NEED THEM NOW.

And on the other side, just when everything is okay. Rowena kills her only loved thing, showing us how dangerous she is and not to be crossed and removes the Mark off Dean.

Season’s goal? Accomplished.

But here’s the thing – The Darkness, which was locked away by the mark, is now out and about. And Rowena just set Castiel to kill Crowley. AGAIN, CAS WHAT’S WITH WITCHES CONTROLLING YOU?

No, Cas. Bad Angel.

No, Cas. Bad Angel.

The season ends with a huge, enormous, cloud of smoke covering a lot of ground. Ground, which the impala is stuck in with the boys.


My predictions for Season Eleven: 

The Darkness will be something unkillable, at least at first, like the Leviathans. Damn, they were cool.

Darkness has been released, hell is open. We’re probably going to see Lucifer and Michael again.

Someone’s got to be the new Death. [I found this one on twitter.] My money’s on Lucifer.


Next Season: Blood, Tears, Death and The Supernatural. 


Laughing on the outside, dying on the inside.

Laughing on the outside, dying on the inside.

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.



[Trust Supernatural to make me write triple the amount I’ve written everyday. More than a 1300 words. And now I’m off to watch the Modern Family finale and cry some more. Cheers.]


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