Bad Blood And House Tyrell

This post contains spoilers to Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken.

So. That was one heck of an episode. I really like Loras Tyrell, he’s cute and if anything happens to Margaery, I will riot. Cersei is one stone cold, manipulative woman. Anyone else think Lancel Lannister looks like Ryan Evans from High School Musical? Just a bit more filled out. I keeping seeing people who look like other people I know everywhere.

Also, Sansa Stark. That poor girl, that dick Ramsay Snow. I’m telling you, one of these episodes, the girls will all join hands and rule Westeros and Essos and Slaver’s Bay. Sansa Stark is a BAMF and anyone who hasn’t realized how smart she is and can be is truly blind. Tyrion and she made an excellent couple [if we over look the age difference].

Speaking of BAMFs. Taylor Swift released her video this morning and it is stunning. Karlie Kloss and Carla DeSomethingorother look amazing in it. Selena looks like a stud and damn, are there attractive girls and gadgets in the video.


This amazing boxing scene happens and wow, I love it. Watch the video on Youtube and let me know what you think. Funnily enough, the amount of stars that this video had, I hoped it would be longer. But hey, Taylor is queen and damn, her videos are amazing. Swiftie now, Swiftie forever.



In other news, I watched the season finale of Brooklyn 99 this afternoon and damn, was that a good episode. Two work-driven Jamy [Jacob and Amy] kisses and one voluntary one. Who’s gonna be the new Captain? Is there gonna be a new one? Fuck, I cannot bear the wait until next year. *sobs*

I plan on starting Castle tomorrow. Easier to watch when I don’t have to worry if my brother is going to see boobs or death. Sigh, another week’s wait for GoT.

Until tomorrow.

Nia Carnelio.


3 thoughts on “Bad Blood And House Tyrell

  1. rukmach says:

    Well I havn’t read the Game of Thrones books but have been a great fan of it’s series…
    So I can surely tell you that you cannot put up Cercei infront of Margaery as a stone cold and manipulative woman.
    And I do think that Sansa has grown up to a sensible one which she wasn’t but not entirely sure about it.
    And ofcourse level of respect for Tyrion goes up every time!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. rukmach says:

    I havn’t read the Game of Thrones books but am a great fan of it’s series and I can surely tell you that you cannot put up Cercei as a stone cold manipulative woman infront of Margaery.
    Sansa might have grown into a sensible woman thought I doubt it!
    Tyrion is ofcourse of another class and my respect for him seems to grow everytime!

    Liked by 1 person

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