Of Good Luck and Holidays

So, Barristan Selmy just died on Game of Thrones.

One more episode to go, and I’ll be all caught up and with the rest of the world in agony in wait for the next episode.

I’ll be starting Castle once I’m done with GoT. I should watch Buffy and Doctor Who and finish them, but I’m not really in the mood for them. I’d like something real for a change.

The RnR [Rules and Regulations] of Malhar is done. Raga lays it out and complies it. I did a terrible job at layouts but thankfully my co-heads were nice enough to help me through the nightmare that Adobe InDesign is. So we have had holidays for three days. I’ll probably have a meeting on Tuesday, which is also when I’ll be going to watch Piku with my friends.

My luck has been quite good recently. Last night, I won two more books in a giveaway. So Becoming Jinn and Denton’s Little DeathDate are coming to me soon. And why the luck? A few days ago, a friend told me she’d send me signed Becoming Jinn bookmarks, and now I’ve won the book.

Oh, and my Kindle from Campus Diaries should be here by May end. That’s what they’ve said, at least. I hope they stick to their word. It’s wearisome waiting for them to send me my incentives and my salary. Which reminds me I should check my bank account if my money has been transferred.

So, in brief – more books that I have not yet read. I’m not even joking, this probably brings the total of unread books I have up to thirty or forty. Wow. And I’m borrowing books too. I’ve clearly not thought this through. And I’m running out of space on my bookshelf. I’m considering selling my middle grade novels – Jacqueline Wilson, The Mary Kate and Ashley series and others. I’m keeping my Animorphs though, I still love that series.

All in all, more books and game of thrones is what’s happening in my life. So life is pretty good at the moment, yeah.

go, tyler.

go, tyler.

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio


10 thoughts on “Of Good Luck and Holidays

  1. Kat says:

    I’ve started watching Game of Thrones—as well as reading, but that’s a much slower process, honestly it’s ridiculous how long those books are—and I’ve reached Episode 6 of Season 4, (I don’t mind spoilers, but poor Barristan.) In ways it’s better than the books, others it’s not, and though it’s quite good, it doesn’t hook me like other shows I love, such as The Walking Dead. You mention Castle, another one of my list of TV shows to start, though I don’t know where I’ll find the time. Damn.

    Sorry, rambling. Though good to hear your life is good!

    If you like complex, suspense-type shows, you should try House, unless you’ve watched that. In that case, awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

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