People I’d Love To Spend Summer ’15 With – Fridays With Friends: Rhea D’Souza

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FWF has had a week’s break on here but we’re back and with a bang. Writing today’s article is Rhea D’Souza, book blogger at Rhea’s Neon Journal and co-blogs at Her Book Thoughts. She loves books and studies Law here in Mumbai. A very helpful and kind person, she goes through several books a day and can be found on twitter and reading ARCs. Without any more mundane chit-chat, her article:

People I’d Love To Spend Summer ’15 With:

Mr. & Mrs. Bennett.

Mr. & Mrs. Bennett.

Mr & Mrs Bennett – Pride And Prejudice

These two, you guys ❤ I’ve read Pride and Prejudice before, and it’s the only Austen novel I like and tolerate. And let me tell you, everyone EVERYONE in the novel is insane. Mad as hatters. And Mrs. Bennett could be their leader.

Mr, Bennett, on the other hand, is the perfect opposite of the lot. He’s cool and composed while his wife is hyper and in a state of perpetual agitation. And among all his crazed daughters and his wife, this man has managed to stay sane. Mostly. A summer with these two people would be amazing ❤ Not only would I get to meet the entire Bennett family, I’d probably also sneak a peek of Mr Darcy ;p


Simon Spier.

Simon Spier.

Simon Spier – Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda

Need I even talk about just HOW MUCH I’d love to spend an entire summer with Simon? Simon and Blue are just…gah so fucking cute. And an entire summer with them both? (Because let’s face it, Simon and Blue would probably be stuck to each other like warts on a frog) (eww) Also, Simon’s older sister was awesome so yay!

[Nia here: Spending summer with Simon would be bloody amazing.]


Talia and Bran.

Talia and Bran – Off The Map series

I’ve always wanted to go to Australia. Europe is charming and pleasant and fancy and Asia is home but there’s just something about the country Down Under. And owing to the fact that most of the series in set in Australia, a summer there would be so, so good. Talia and Bran don’t seem like the type of couple to have “couple-friends” but hey. Why the fuck not?

Parvati Amos.

Parvati Amos.

Parvati – Liars, INC

While I read Liars, INC, I remember my intense dislike for Parvati. I even remember wondering what exactly it was that Max loved about her. And then I read reviews and posts and Twitter (obviously) about how, like me, people didn’t like Parvati–but they understood her. On a certain level I understand her too. But apart from her motivations in the book, Parvati is also a free-mouthed, loud-spirited, say-it-all. Pretty much like me. And so, my summer with Parvati would consist of us getting to know each other and maybe meeting Max so I can give him a squishy hug. And then backing away slowly from Parvati’s narrowed eyes.

And lastly,


Katy Schwartz.

Katy Swartz – The Lux Series

Katy Swartz is my spirit animal bestie. Of all the YA kickass heroines I’ve read, Katy is my absolute favorite. She’s just one of the girls that attract trouble and trouble finds her one way or another. Can you imagine an entire summer with her? I can! Adventures with hot aliens, book blogging and of course Daemon Black ❤


Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio


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