Book Review: Liars, Inc by Paula Stokes

I’ve been sneezing ALL day. I had a short reprieve from Raga work today and all I’ve been doing is sneezing and reading Liars, Inc. The review will be up tomorrow as there’s still more for me to read. But I can’t post the review tomorrow since I have a special friend writing for Fridays With Friends. I have a fantastic post lined up for Saturday.

Lies aren’t good for you, that’s what I took away from Liars, Inc by Paula Stokes but, oh, in what a way.

Rating: Four Stars

Genres: Thriller, Mystery and YA

Published: March 24th, 2015

Liars, Inc.

Liars, Inc.

I generally don’t read thriller books, YA or otherwise. I dunno, I’ve never actually been so intrigued by one to actually read the whole book and not know the spoilers. I actively seek out Game of Thrones spoilers, I know I’m crazy.

But Liars, Inc. is so much more than just a thriller.  Written by Paula Stokes, one of the very books which propelled me to the end of the novel wondering and not seeking who did it. The excellent reviews of this book were not false, it does deserve four stars.

We immediately realize the setting of the novel in the first chapter, exposition done well, one is automatically hooked onto the plot of the story – WHO KILLED PRESTON?

Was it Max? Or a host of other suspects who appear through the books, even though stuff in Max’s past point out that he could be the killer. Parvati is another character I liked. Even though many have described her as someone they kinda disliked at the start and they grew a bit fond off, I seemed to like her from the start.

So many lies and their consequences – that’s the essence of this book.

I love the characters, even though some of them are stereotyped [adults, mostly] but hey I forgive that. So many plot twists, the sub-plots and the final reveal kept me up on my toes while reading. If I hadn’t my brother’s function to attend, I’d have finished this novel last night instead of early this morning. But better late than never, and all that time, I was sitting and watching kids and wondering, but how, but who. That’s what this book does.


And when you do get to know.

I like the flow of the book, the language of novel is languid yet fast-paced and simple to understand. One of my first thrillers, I really liked this books – especially since it is a YA thriller.

I would recommend this to the young adults, teens and others [everyone, in a nutshell] who likes a good plot, decent characters and some stunning surprises in their novels. I quite liked it and maybe you will too.

Four stars for Liars, Inc. and quite possibly I’ll be checking out Stokes’ other books which are contemporary YA.



Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.


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