Book Review: The Mistake, Elle Kennedy [Off Campus, Book Two]

Hullo! I am currently almost halfway through The Mistake, the second book in Elle Kennedy’s Off Campus series of standalones in the Contemporary Romance genre.

This blog post will be updated with the review as soon as I’m done. I’ve been busy all day today with Raga work and from 10th, I’m going to be a busy bee. The joys of being the organizing committee of one of the best fests of India and even Asia.

Book Review: The Mistake, Elle Kennedy [Off Campus, Book Two]

Book two is John Logan and Grace Ivers’s book. We do see Hannah and Garrett, all throughout the book. This book took me two days and a half to finish because unlike when I was reading The Deal, I didn’t have a holiday to just power through.

Rating: Three and A Half Stars

Genres: Contemporary Romance

Published: 28th April, 2015

I received a free ARC in a contest but that didn’t affect the following review in any way.

The Mistake

The Mistake

The book starts out with Logan’s inappropriate crush on Hannah which we learned about in the previous book. By the looks of it, Hannah and Garrett are still going strong and are very much in love. Which means Logan needs to get over her, and quick.

A meeting with freshman Grace Ivers, a quick hook-up and some other cute scenes later, Logan figures his shit out and gets Grace to go out with him. A quick dealing of issues and a happy ending later, we have The Mistake.

This book failed to grasp me at some places, seemed a bit forced. It had its highlights of course, I laughed and grinned and fell in love with the characters as I was supposed to. But after The Deal, I had high expectations from this one and maybe that was the problem. I was treating them as Garrett and Hannah 2.0.

The book once again shines with language and dialogue which is peppy and fun and fucking realistic. Elle Kennedy writers new adults exactly as we are – cursing little shits. The wordplay is fun, the characters are likeable and the chemistry between the protagonists is captured well. Bonus points for the dual POV which adds to the book.

The characters are mature, even Grace whose task list is cute but not bordering on irritating. The characters, especially Logan and Grace are likable and I enjoyed reading about them. But I adored Garrett and Hannah. The Deal was a stunning first book. The Mistake tries hard to follow through and succeeds to some extent. Both the books are amazing in their own rights.

I did find a few grammatical errors and some mistakes that must have slipped through but I’m excusing them since this was an ARC. Otherwise, the plot [something done scores of times] is decent, the characters good and the overall book is quite a decent product.

The third book is going to be Dean Heyward-Di Laurentis’s book and the readers assume it will be between Sabrina and him, well sparks were flying, and I’ll give you that. I am excited to read the third book. Because so far, the Off Campus books have been a refreshing change from the Contemporary Romance novels I’ve read and I LOVE how REAL they are.

I’d recommend reading both of these books because they WILL make you laugh and grin and smile like a goof.

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.


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