Book Review: The Deal, Elle Kennedy [Off Campus, Book One]

Book Review: The Deal, Elle Kennedy [Off Campus, Book One]

My interest in the book piqued when I won a free ARC copy of The Mistake, book two in the Off Campus series by Elle Kennedy. A little bit of research later, I had begun reading The Deal and in a short span of six hours, that involved reading until three in the morning and then again in the afternoon, I was done with the book.

I don’t review romance books, mostly because none of them make an impact on me; they all have the same core plots with a few differences. The Deal does too, but it also has stuff that makes it different and makes me miss reading it.

The Deal, Elle Kennedy.

The Deal, Elle Kennedy.

Rating: Four on five stars.

Publishing Date: 24th February, 2015


The novel starts off with Hannah Wells telling us about her humongous crush on a footballer. But she claims to have emotional and other baggage and she cannot for the life of her muster up enough courage to ask him out. Meanwhile, she catches the attention of the Hockey team’s captain, Garrett, who is obviously sexy as sin.

After a reluctant tutorship is accepted by her in exchange for a date to make earlier mentioned jock notice her, things start heating up between Garrett and Hannah, who he fondly calls Wellsy. Seriously, that’s cute.

They have unbelievable chemistry and soon, a kiss takes place that shatters that ‘we’re friends’ place they were in, also called denial. The bickering and the banter between the two of them are really funny and lively, and heck, believable. They share secrets, feelings and soon sex comes into play. But this time I actually approve of that. It actually helps move the story forward and is not the only thing doing so.

One of my favourite things about this book is that the female protagonist seems as strong and able to feel as the male protagonist. [Spoilers] And I love that she can deal with something bad that happened to it, talk about it to her friends, see a therapist and go back to living instead of just existing as I have seen other female protagonists do. I love how strong and well Hannah has been written.

Garrett, a jock, seems to have brains and brawn and even some common sense thrown into the mix and isn’t one of those jocks who manwhores just for the heck of it. He actually has reasons for staying away [focus on hockey] and I applaud that. Even the bimbo and the other guy [Kendall and Josh? I can’t even remember his name] aren’t flat characters that have been seen in every NA book with names like Tiffany [there’s a Tiffany for like half a page though], Brittany, Ashley and other sorority-girl names.

Another aspect I loved is how frank the protagonists were. Feelings were discussed the mature twenty year olds discuss them in real life. Dates were amiably cancelled, situations brought under control and most importantly, nobody jumped to fucking conclusions and broke up and brought along angst and jealousy and playing around.

The last part of the book is understandable, especially because one doesn’t have all the info one needs to make the right decision at times and more often, than not, it works out. Just like in this book.

The dual POVs were done well, the writing fun, fluid and really easy to read. The book captivates you from the start, you start loving the characters and even feeling stuff for the others. I loved Logan and I’m positive that The Mistake is his story and I cannot wait to read it.

I loved Elle Kennedy’s The Deal simply because it was believable, people actually act the way she’s written it and it captured me right from the start.

Four stars because the plot has been done to death, but I loved the way she put her spin on it – with her mature and actual characters.

I seriously recommend this novel if you enjoy sexy NA, a decent plot and good character development. This book is amazing and it will make you grin, smile and laugh out loud and you’ll connect with the characters too.

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.


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