Changing Perception, Books and Sleep

Sundays are amazing little creations by God or by society. A whole day of relaxation and rejuvenation so you can be cruelly and brutally slaughtered in the coming week before Sunday rolls around again.

My Sundays usually involve going to church and completing any chores I managed to evade and put off during the week. Today has been good, I’ve finished a book [terrible one, really], tried some layouts [succeeded in some, failed in others] and slept and removed some of that humongous sleep debt that’s just going to get worse. Especially since today was the last Sunday I’ll have free in a long time. Should’ve appreciated April more.

I’ve been speaking more often with someone I initially disliked in my first year of college, that person reminded me of myself when I was in school and I didn’t like it, having done all I could to erase those days and memories.  But she’s been nicer too, and we seem to be making our way to a shaky friendship, also because we’re working together for the next four months and we’ll be seeing each other until college ends since we’re choosing the same majors.


Changing one’s perception about someone isn’t easy, but it’s doable. We should all do it, mostly because people change, all the time. No one or nothing is static and free from change, and hey, everyone deserves a second chance. So that’s it really.

Work has begun and there’s a lot of it. But I’m going to have fun this Malhar, with or without the people beside me.

Oh, and I’ll be starting My Best Everything by Sarah Tomp tonight, it’s got some excellent reviews and I’m eager to read my YASH books. I feel bad about torrenting books sometimes, but honestly, if I bought every book I read, I’d be bankrupt and in debt. Someday though, I’ll be making enough to buy my books the legal way. Let’s not talk about music.

Except I don't have enough money to buy books either. Sigh.

Except I don’t have enough money to buy books either. Sigh.

I’m off to work some more and then sleep until mid-morning because I haven’t got a meeting to attend tomorrow. Small mercies.


Sleep>Everything else.

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.


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