Yeah, The End Is Nigh

Today was the first official meet of the Raga Organizers and Organizer-In-Charge and it went quite well, I would say. But enough about that already [especially since deets are confidential and cannot be shared here] .

It’s been a little over a month that I started this Summer Blog and it has been quite a journey. Every evening I realize I haven’t written anything and then I’ll curse myself for thinking of a daily-blog. It’s irritating, when all you want to do is watch the next episode of Game of Thrones, the new episodes of Modern Family, Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, you have to put them on hold, think of something interesting to write about and then – write it.

Yes, it’s quite the task.

I’ve managed to do it though, through frustration, through laziness, procrastination and even when there was literally nothing to write about. Eventually, material just came through. And I wrote, and wrote, and wrote some more.

The blog posts should get either longer or shorter, depending on my days – the busier I am, the lesser I will write while relatively free days should see longer posts.

I hope to read a book between today and tomorrow, because I really want to have read ten books in the month of April, reading has been very fruitful, I’ve made so many friends, especially on Twitter, learned about so many authors and books and it’s been amazing so far and I really want to continue this further. So more reading, yes.

I’ll soon put up a list of all the unread books I own so I can go about crossing them off and you guys can push me to read them quicker – I’ve got books from LA 2013 still lying around unread. Sob.

Judge me not.

Judge me not.

But anyway, today I’d like to thank you for following my blog, for reading my questionable posts with song lyrics as titles and you’ve been kind enough to come back too. I just wanted to share something else too –

I’ll be handling the official Malhar Blog this year.



Come say hi, I would love it if you do.

You're awesome, you.

You’re awesome, you.

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.


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