Walk Walk, Fashion Baby

Yes, those are Gaga lyrics you see as the title of today’s blog post.



I’ve been obsessed with Glee’s cover of Born This Way and Bad Romance off late, they keep popping into my head several times a day.

Also, I am heartbroken. Renly Baratheon was cruelly murdered by Stannis Baratheon’s witch lady Melisandre – the actress plays her to perfection, which is why the character disgusts and creeps me out as much as Lord Baelish, aka, Littlefinger. But enough about Game of Thrones – of which I know so, so many spoilers.


As you can tell, I support Daenerys.

On the Malhar front, out of my friends – one has become Organizer in Charge, two other Organizers and one didn’t make it through. Me? I’m still waiting for the call that will let me know if I’ve made it through or not. And I have to say I am extremely impatient about it. I promise to edit this post as soon as I get to know.

I love these text posts and pictures.

I love these text posts and pictures.

Other than that, at the sleepover I went for on Saturday, we discussed how there are several other things to do rather than just sit in front of a laptop or a TV, streaming countless episodes as we binge watch a show or several. I realize I’ve been spending a lot of time on my laptop, in front of a screen and it’s making me wonder if I’m missing out on things I should be doing, learning and experiencing. But then, even if I wanted to get a hobby or something  – what about reading and writing, my ever-present hobbies which more often than not have to be done on electronic devices that are slowly killing my eyes.

Decisions, decisions.

Oh, today, I have a photograph of the Dahisar river, where I live – or how it was earlier before people befouled it with garbage, sewage and made it a marsh and a sewer.

2015-04-27 17.17.43

The Dahisar River.

If you’d see it now, you’d cry. Thank you, Ryan for the picture.

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.

[P.S – I had mail from France today, Paris specifically – Until The Beginning by Amy Plum arrived today.]


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