Under Summer’s Heavy Burden – Fridays With Friends: Sai Pitre

Aloha my friends!

Today is Friday and we all know what that means – and if you don’t, you will now – Fridays With Friends! Every Friday I ask one of my friends to guest-write for my summer blog. Not because I’m lazy, definitely not. Heh heh.


April 24th, Friday belongs to Sai Pitre, another amazing friend from college who writes fanfiction here. She very kindly submitted hers on 14th April boy, are you in for a great post. Sai is by her own words – a fangirl and a wanderer. But I know her as a witty, funny and intelligent pal who delivers her articles on time! She is a lover of Castle, also likes Glee, Brooklyn 99 and Pushing Daisies and has as many shows [and maybe more] on her harddisk as I do. She also has excellent taste in music. So, without anymore chit-chat, here’s Sai’s article –

The Seasons Of Summer

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” 

– F. Scott Fitzgerald

I’ve lived through eighteen summers of which I remember maybe a dozen or so. Hereto, they have been incredible, each and every one of them. The summer is like the soundtrack to all my favourite memories. It was summer when I found freedom, when I found love and when I found adventure. And that’s why I love summer. Not because I get to wear shorts 24×7. Definitely not. Ok, ok, I’ll admit it. Maybe a little bit of both.


Over the years, I’ve noticed that all my summers follow a pattern, a pattern not unlike that of the seasons. And just like the seasons of the year, the seasons of my summer stay unchanged year after year, each fun in its own way:



College life is tedious, mostly because I have to wake up at 5.30 am six days a week. When the summer vacations begin, I’m determined to make them the antithesis of the academic year. This means you won’t find me awake before ten a.m. any day of the week. The ‘winter’ of my summer is meant for hibernation. It’s a lot of me, spread out flat in bed, reading a book for hours on end, or having timezone-transcending TV show marathons with nachos and Coke, and waking up the next day looking like a zombie. I also have this compulsive need to seek out junk food during this time. Here’s where I put on a few kilos and don’t even care because I’m having the best time ever. Needless to say, my mom isn’t very fond of this phase.



Obviously, my winter-summer (winmer? Alright, that’s it. I’m trade marking this business.) isn’t exactly sustainable. The bubble bursts soon enough, usually when I get my results. And suddenly, I start questioning what I’m doing with my life. With spring comes bloom and urgent reform. I start working out- going running, swimming, cycling; I visit my relatives- hang with the cousins, have dinners with the uncles and the aunts, solve my grandparents’ latest technological difficulty; I go meet friends I haven’t met in ages; I go to movies  and events and plays and dramas. The list is endless. I’m always out somewhere and nobody really sees me for longer than an hour. To put it in simple words, in sprimerTM , I ain’t got no chill.



Historically, I’ve not spent a single summer, since I was five, completely in my hometown. I’ve been to badminton camps, treks, road trips and even mountaineering courses. This is the ‘summer’ (summer2 ?) of the summer where I do those things that aren’t possible when school is on, the holiday segment of the vacation. There’s a planned schedule of activities waiting for a hyper excited version of me. I’m good at this part. I thrive on timetables and itineraries. Leave me to my own devices and I’ll squander my time away. But chain me to a calendar and I’ll be more efficient than a robot. Since my hobbies tend to be on the adventurous side, this phase is usually rigorous and physically draining. I usually emerge out the other side with a tan and/or rashes and some kind of sore throat.



The fall is time for nostalgia, merely days before school starts again. The photos from whatever course/camp/adventure I’ve had this year have arrived and I spend hours looking at them, picking my favourites. These days pass by very fast and the spectacle of a new academic year looms up ahead. It’s time for panic and feeling completely unprepared for the next semester. I rack my mind, wondering where all the time went. AutummerTM is full of regrets, goodbyes and reminiscence. And before you know it, summer is over. With the first drop of rain, the monsoon arrives, bringing along with it lectures and classrooms and an endless countdown to the next summer.

Don’t you hate to see summer go? Me too, me too.

Next year, we’ll meet again.


Thanks for giving me a chance to write on your blog. I feel honoured, really. Writing for ‘Fridays with Friends’ was a lot of fun. Stay as cheerful and loud vibrant as ever.

Much love,


Thank you so very much, Sai – for being a prompt deliverer of articles and an amazingly awesome friend – especially on Twitter [@pluckysaikick].

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.


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