The Demigod Diaries: Heroes of Olympus – Book Review

The Demigod Diaries: Heroes of Olympus – Book Review


I read the last book in the Percy Jackson series back in February and it was with a heavy heart that I bid goodbye to Percy and his friends, especially Nico who I’d come to love. So when I found that The Demigod Diaries was being sold for a really decent amount, hardcover no less, I couldn’t resist. I was so bloody happy I could read something about the PJO world again.


The book contains three short stories – The Diary of Luke Castellan, Percy Jackson and The Staff of Hermes and Leo Valdez and the Quest for Buford. The first two stories are like the first three seasons of Glee, with the old cast and all. The third story includes Leo, Piper and Jason. All of these take place before Gaia tries to take over the earth [and fails].

There is also a short story by Rick Riordan’s son Haley, and I will have a paragraph or two to say something about it.

  1. The Diary of Luke Castellan


OH GOD THIS STORY. Luke was such a strong character in the PJO books. Evil, but inherently strong and it’s in this story you realize why he loved Thalia and Annabeth so much. He might have had a crush on Annabeth, but he certainly treated them like family. The story tells us about how they were constantly on the move, battling the monsters demigods seem to attract all the time [this was before Grover, and before they met Annabeth]. Thalia and Luke end up in a House of Horrors, trapped with leucrotae, Halcyon Green and no way out. Here’s where we learn the reason Luke made the choice to kill himself and stop Kronos – the diary, his diary tells us about how Green gave up his life for them. The story behind Ageis [Thalia’s shield] is told and it really ties everything together, how Luke got the dagger that he gave to Annabeth, the one which saved and ended him. We hear two prophecies and we already know how they’re gonna come about. This story just made me drown in the feels. Luke was just a kid when he had to assume the role of an adult. Sob.

  1. Percy Jackson and The Staff of Hermes

Percy, Annabeth and Me.

It took me a while to adjust to the romance in the Heroes of Olympus series and shipping Percabeth took a lot out of me as well. I’d always thought of Annabeth as a Mary Sue character and she still is, kinda. But she sort of proved her worth when she and Piper were trapped in Blood of Olympus. Both the girls proved that they weren’t just sidekicks or for the romance. This story is the usual – Percy and Annabeth on a date, Hermes screwing up and losing his caduceus and asking for help. They manage to get it back [obviously] in time for a romantic date in Paris. I was just happy to read about my favourite characters again.

  1. Leo Valdez and The Quest For Buford
Seems interesting enough.

Seems interesting enough.

This story was nice, but I wasn’t really into it. Not as much as I was for the first story. Leo and Piper and Jason are probably cool characters and all, but my first love will always be the PJO series. Although I liked the Greek myth in this one – Maenads. I loved hearing the story of these party nymphs, made my night.

  1. Son of Magic, by Haley Riordan
Haley, you're a gem.

Haley, you’re a gem.

This story was something alright. Haley Riordan wrote this at sixteen and it’s clear, the writer genes run in the family. Here he explains the origin of the Mist and how it came to be, and what happened to those demigods that sided with Kronos. We got a look into how Hecate and her children are and I loved it so much I forgot I was reading another story by a different writer. He has written the story well, and for a change painted mortals as more than just collateral damage. Claymore and Alabaster, what wouldn’t I give to read some more about them.

I think I’d award a four star rating to this one. Simply because of the nostalgia and the Luke Castellan story which almost made me cry. Who knows why the Olympian gods are such dicks. Seriously, if you procreate, take care of it.

I hope to read some other short stories by Riordan Sr. soon. And I look forward to his Norse mythology series, Magus Chase [are you Annabeth’s relative?] we are excited to meet you.

Magnus, we await you.

Magnus, we await you.

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.


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