Recycle & Reuse: Cyber Bullying: The New Way – Confession Pages

Hullo! I found this article when I was searching for a writing sample for my Raga OG application which I just submitted. I had to edit this to 400 words, but I figured since this hadn’t been posted anywhere I remember [my primary blog], it was due for reuse.

Cyber Bullying: The New Way – Confession Pages

Bullying has been a part of humankind since the very beginning of time. The bigger, older and the meaner have ones always picked on the younger and defenceless. Sometimes, the bullied on will hit back and it will make a mark. The other times, it just fades away into oblivion with no one really caring about it anymore. And now the bullies have found a new way to make themselves and their cruel remarks heard – The Confession Pages.


This is a new, fool proof method of bullying. There’s no way it can be traced back to the perpetrator, since it is completely anonymous and the tracing would negate the point of having a confession page in the first place.

Confession pages have flooded the social networking site of Facebook and each institution, company and school has at least one confession page to its credit. The page is run by students or employees, none of whom are officially appointed and who are thus incapable of monitoring which posts should be made public and which should never see the light of day.

Several people get hurt in this new fashion of cyber bullying. People’s reputation’s get soiled, relationships and friendships are broken, people take to self-harm at times among many other things. Some like to bring down the popular people with a giant thud to the ground, not realizing that this might prove detrimental to their health.

Obnoxious statements are posted about people who then become the butt of several lengthy discussions on the validity of those statements. People manage to express what they feel, the good, the bad and the ugly on those confession sites, without a single thought about how the other person might feel.

And the third most involved person in this is the spectator himself. While he might have not posted the particular comment about XYZ, he or she will certainly participate in the shaming ceremony for fear of getting a hate confession about them.


Then there are those types of people who will post terrible comments about themselves in order to garner popularity and some sympathy from the audience. They will either pretend to be sad and disheartened or hit back with some pre-planned snarky comment to the self-posted confession. Certainly, these people must visit the nearest psychologist at the earliest.

And finally, there is the small percentage of the population that uses the confession pages for the purpose it had been created – for sappy declarations of love and affection. While it sounds nice and happy, the receiver might not agree for it creates certain problems with respect to their love lives and if an over-protective family member finds out about crushes and all those youth happenings, there might not be a happy ending in sight after all.

Confession pages have managed to tarnish reputations and break several relationships singlehandedly. They have manage to take over several lives as people sit in front of their laptops, either waiting for someone to confess about them or wondering what will people confess about them.

The sordid phenomenon is slowly releasing its grip on social media and there are many that are thankful for the end of its reign while there are several others who now realize that they must find new ways to stay undercover and bully people.


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