Skype, Shows And Sleep

I watch a lot of shows. But I am very selective about what I watch. I am currently watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Season Four and will probably start Game of Thrones soon. I’m actually waiting to finish up my application for Raga 2015, Blog Organizer before I reward myself with the show.

I went through this whole day thinking it was the 20th of April and apps shut the next day, i.e tomorrow at midnight and then realized it was the 19th. Holidays, you don’t keep track of time. HOW ARE TWENTY FIVE DAYS ALREADY OVER?


Holidays, helping you lose track of time.

Holidays, helping you lose track of time.

I just got done chatting with my friend over Skype. This is not very interesting to you unless you know that we spend almost the whole day together in the same lectures, sitting next to each other and then we proceed to message each other when we’re home. And this has been happening since three years! Well, the past year more so.

Our Skype chats are filled with nothing important and yet, we still find topics to talk about. Skyping is fun, I love talking to my friends from my house and not moving an inch. It really brings out my laziness. And since we know each other well enough now, I don’t even care how messy my house is or that I’m wearing home-clothes [torn and stained stuff] when I speak with her. True friendship, eh?

Sleep is another thing I love. Simply because I rarely get enough of it during college time. I’ve been sleeping for over 10 hours everyday, holidays really mess up my sleep schedule. But I am totally okay with that.


A short post for today: Sleep, shows and Skype are the three things I did today.

Other than that, I am currently reading Alive by Chandler Baker, an ARC I received. But somehow, the book isn’t grasping my attention as I’d like it to. Maybe I should make more time for it. Liars Inc, by Paula Stokes will be the next book I’ll read. Reviews to follow as soon as I’m done.

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.

[P.S – I still haven’t found Blood Promise in my library and I think I’ll have to read the ebook and that’s that.]


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