Pain, Phones, And More

It’s been a string of bad news all week long, coupled with some good news but today has really been disappointing.

So, remember when I said my new phone was all A-Okay? Well, it wasn’t. So I decided to get it exchanged. It shut down every app as soon as I opened it. Sigh. It was so goddamn irritating. [I even bought a scratch guard for it.]

So today, finally the exchange happened. My defective unit for a new one – except Flipkart fucked it up.



Now, I have a problem with Flipkart with the way they handled the whole Net Neutrality thing. Jumping on the Airtel bandwagon to make more money by deciding to support them was unacceptable, especially since I am a firm believer in Net Neutrality. But then they did something worse. They left Airtel and have now adopted the stance of ‘We Have Always Been For Net Neutrality.’ And all because thousands of people uninstalled their app, threatened to never use them again and switch to other sites like Amazon or Snapdeal among others. Great way to convince us of your “honest intentions,” eh, Flipkart.

Unfortunately, I bought my phone before all of this happened. Otherwise, I would’ve protested against this with another blog post. Predictably.

But here’s the thing – Flipkart is not made up of all idiots who want to make more and more money. The bulk of their workforce seems genuinely nice. Of all the times I have ordered something and received it, the delivery men have always been polite and courteous. In fact the first time I got my phone, the boy said, “That’s a nice choice, and the phone has a great camera.” That was really nice of him to say. The second time, the man was nice too and it was very, very hot outside. I don’t think we appreciate all the delivery people who bring our stuff to us. I mean, without them, we would have to do our work and move our asses to get our stuff.

In a summary: Flipkart – Pros and Cons.

Pros: Good staff, helpful, seems decent and smart enough to get buyers to agree for replacements when they should be asking for refunds. Good products, a local start up, helpful and necessary for online shopping.

Cons: The people at the very top – looking out for business and not the customers. You’re gonna get the company down, bro.

Sigh. I don’t have a phone now, a working one to call and be called on since I cut my sim card [which the guy charged me 20 bucks for, while someplace else it was being done for free. I’m royally pissed about that too] when I got my new phone. All I have is whatsapp and facebook.


A couple other things happened – I finished the Orange is The New Black Season 2. And damn, that finale was something, I am looking forward to when season three premieres in June. This was my favorite moment in the whole season – and that is some stellar casting.


Rosa FTW.

Oh and something else – I READ THE SORTING HAT’S LOVE. And I am mentally scarred for life. Harry, Ron, Dumbledore, Hermione, Ginny, THE FUCKING HAT and SNAPE. Oh god, there are images I will never get out, the fic I will never unread. I had to read so many Jily fics to get that fic out of my head. That’s is the dark side of the Harry Potter fandom and damn, there’s some twisted and really disturbing stuff in there.

That was me. Just add more HORRIFIED AND DISTURBED.

That was me. Just add more HORRIFIED AND DISTURBED.

Oh well, to cheer / SANE me up, I’m watching the new episode of Supernatural now – Book of the Damned. Even though it is sadder than my day and week, yeah, I’m a weird person with weirder choices.


Have a good day or night, and if you stay in Mumbai, try not to die [the heat is really bad today].

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.


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