Outings And Sarcasm – Fridays With Friends: Shreya Nair

Hello and welcome to the second Friday of Fridays With Friends, today, with my good friend Shreya Nair who rarely blogs at her blog.


Shreya Nair is a sarcastic, lovable and very knowledgeable person. One of the few people with comebacks to everything, she is sharp and witty and loves to debate. An avid lover of the news, keeping up with stuff, Supernatural and Modern Family, among other things, she is also a true Indian and loves her country as much as she loves Chaat.

Here’s the article generously peppered with sarcasm and love, by Shreya Nair.

When Nia had asked me to write a post for her blog about summer, I was in the middle of a summer trip with my family in Goa.

Goa is an absolutely perfect place for a vacation. It has the reputation of being a sinful land of beaches, bikinis, booze, all night raves and every other so called ‘anti-social’ activity, which rest of India cannot indulge in.

Being a complete idiot, I decided to go there with family. Because what can be better than a hot guy in short shorts, in the bright sun and your grandmother waving at you from behind him, to click a picture. It was an eventful trip where we discovered what it feels like to be in a place where we aren’t related to everyone.

See, my family believes in the concept of ‘family’ very strongly. So we spend every summer visiting our huge extended family/village in Kerala. It’s a very typical migrant ethnocentric thing, where we believe that everything not Malayalee and minus coconut is just not worth our time. Generally in summer, people prefer to go to cooler places to escape the Mumbai heat. We go to Kerala, where we get the fun opportunity of experiencing unbearable heat (much worse than Mumbai) and the strong pull of our familial ties. Living in burning hot Kerala among third cousins whose names you just learnt to remember, is no mean task. But then I remind myself that blood is thicker than sweat and plaster a ‘sanskaari’ smile on my face.


Now, let’s introspect to find out what deep, heartfelt meaning summer holds in my life. (It’s all about the warm feels.)

Summer is a season. It comes every year. For years, I thought everyone is just as much in love with summer as I am. Then one fine day, it dawned upon me; the only people who look forward to it with love and affection are students. That too, only those lucky bastards who get summer vacations and not the poor engineering ones, who stopped noticing seasons after their first semester.

For the adults with kids it’s two months of cooking up fun activities to keep them from driving you mad. For those without a screaming blessing, it’s another two months of work, heat and Alphonsoes [a certain delicious type of mango]; soon to be followed by work, wetness and potholes.

Indian Summer. Sigh.

Indian Summer. Sigh.

But summer for me has always been the best time to be alive. I laze around throughout summer, to such an extent that when college reopens, I forget how to hold a pen. These vacations are probably the only time in our lives when we can laze around at our parent’s expense, without being made to feel guilty about it. Its two months of pure fun with no worries, something we will never get back once we enter the workforce.

Of course as we turn the pages of time and grow older, we have things like internship and summer projects.

This is when we actually realize that age is never just a number.


Thank you, Shreya, for writing for my blog and I hope you have a wonderful summer [after your internship  ends, hopefully before college begins.]

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.


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