Nineteen Facts About Me You Didn’t Need To Know

Nineteen Facts About Me You Didn’t Need To Know Hullo. Today is the letter ‘N’, one of my favourite alphabets, because my name starts with it of course. So today, also because my WiFi has fucked up and I’ve gotta use my phones to do this, this blog post is gonna be short, to the point and nothing you will ever need to know.

1. My name could’ve been Pearl Lizia instead of Nia Lizia. And god, do I thank my lucky stars that isn’t my name.

2.I feel queasy whenever anyone around me cuts their nails or mentions anything to do with poop or pooping. God, I feel disgusted even writing this.

3. I am obsessed with Jily fan fiction. James and Lily Potter falling in love in several different ways in infinite universes is my kryptonite.

4. I am heavily influenced by other peoples opinions and judgements. Even if  I’d like to think not, I will watch a movie and keep in mind what my friend had said about it.

5. Romance books, with slight action are my guilty pleasure. Let the judgement begin.

6. I love my younger brother most in the world. Even more than Harry Potter, my signed book by Mark Gatiss and my library. *cringes from the cheesy*.

7. I am a lover of Young Adult books. Non fiction, boring stuff just doesn’t do it for me.

8. I am neither a dog or a cat person. I’d like to think of myself as watch animals from afar kind of a person. But you’re hurting them, I’ll hunt you down.

9. I am intensely passionate about feminism, LGBTQ rights and Education for All.

10. I am an ENTJ personality type and that shit is fairly accurate.

11. I’m lazy and procrastinate so much I don’t know how I end up doing anything productive ever. This is also why I am writing this at 11.37 PM on my phone.

12. I disliked Harry Potter before I read the books. Too much hype over nothing, I thought. What a naïve fool I was.

13. I collect newspaper cuttings of things I think are important. Oh, I also have a whole box full of issues of this children’s newspaper I used to read every Sunday. Yep. I’m a junkie.

14. I hate nail polish. Must be something to do with my dislike of nails and everything around them in general.

15. Supernatural is currently my favourite TV show. Modern Family, Friends, OITNB are some other shows I love. I just got done watching Orange is the New Black season 2 today.

16. I had my hair cut at a barber’s until I was 7 and I liked the short do. Less fuss.

17. I was one of the most religious kids in my class. I read the Bible, the proper one, not a children’s illustrated copy at 8. Today, I can barely look at it without scoffing.

18. I did not enjoy turning 18. This is too much, too fast.

19. I had a slightly tough time coming up with 19 facts which is kinda weird because I am a narcissist. Thank you for your time.

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.


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