My Name Is In A Children’s Magazine!


Excuse my excitement, but I just found out that my articles [two, plural] have been published in one of India’s best children’s magazines – Tinkle.

So here’s the story, from the very beginning.

When I was a child, my grandmother told me stories – some were parables and tales from the Bible, others fairy tales. My mother also told me many stories as I was growing up. Gradually, I gained interest in these stories and wanted to read them myself. That was when I began reading, short stories and folktales and fairy tales, all bundled into one.

My family and I used to visit our native place in Mangalore every summer. It was our native place and my mai, my grandmother, lived there. We didn’t have a television. What was I supposed to do? The afternoons were too hot, my parents were too adult to play and my brother still hadn’t made an appearance.

I read.


I armed myself with books – Tinkle Digests and magazines enough for four weeks [ they were never enough, I went through one a day] and then I went and bought Tinkle Double Digests, monster digests that I loved. I still have about 40 of them  – 30 Digests and 10 Double Digests. They were literally my childhood. I exchanged these books with my cousins who lived there.

But soon, as I grew older, I was introduced to Enid Blyton and Carolyn Keene [Nancy Drew] novels which were just amazing. But I wanted to read more. So one day, I pooled up all my money [all change] and went down with my mother to a library behind my building to make a deposit and to have a monthly session of books. This was for the holidays -when I wouldn’t be going to visit Mai in Mangalore.

My mother thankfully, took the change and paid proper money and from then on, until a year, each day my book was undoubtedly a Tinkle. A digest, magazine or double-digest. I was very miffed with their One-Book-A-Day scheme. But I persevered.

Tinkle was pretty much my first book, even if it was a comic. And I loved it, I still do. My collection has been passed on to my brother who reads them with slightly less devotion than I did. I know every story, every page in those Tinkles, that’s how many times I’ve read and re-read them.

And this is why getting my name in it – writing for it, has been such a brilliant experience. I interned with them for two weeks before health reasons screwed it up and my dream came true. I saw my childhood being brought to life in front of my eyes – heck, I helped bring it to life.

Here’s a few pictures of my articles and my name:



That is article one – Tinkle Times, you can find my name on the top right corner. It says, TEXT: NIA CARNELIO. Tinkle Times are fun, quirky news items for the magazine.



The second article was a Special Features Article. The theme for April is Lost Ancient Wonders – and I wrote a two page article with the help and guidance of my head.

So, that’s what been making me so happy most of today. I also got my marks today, my GPA has taken a sharp nosedive. It’s above 3 [out of 4] but that still not good. I had a 3.67 last sem. I need to get off my lazy ass and do more stuff. But, oh well. Seeing my name in a Children’s Magazine compensates for that.

It’s been a good day for me. Hope you’ve had or are having a great day / night.

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.

‘Something bad is always followed by something good is always followed by something bad.’


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