Keep Holding On, We’ll Make It Through

Hullo my peeps,

I had my Malhar [my college festival], OC [Organizer in Charge] interview today. Since I was a volunteer for the department of Raga [the official newsletter], which is the smallest department of the fest, I only had two other applicants with me. Another classmate and a boy [they’re rare in my department] from the Science section.

This was last Malhar's theme.

This was last Malhar’s theme.

I have to admit, I was nervous and as my station got closer, I started getting that sick, swooping feeling in my stomach from the mixture of nervousness and excitement. I kept listening to Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance with some Glee on the journey. I think it helped.


The interviews were supposed to be at 10:30 in the morning, but they got delayed, as these things are bound to be. We started at 11:10, with the boy going in first. I was second in line. He was in for about twenty minutes, he seems nice and smart, he might get the post. One never knows how these things pan out.

When my turn came, I’ll admit, I was a bit scared but I was also in my element. I like talking to people. telling them stuff and I am proud of my skills as an orator. Of course, it was an added bonus that the CP and the VCPs and the professor present weren’t vultures as I’d heard.

They asked me Raga stuff, obviously. My vision for Raga 2015, how I’d planned to handle the blog, PR, other departments, my OGs [Organizers], my volunteers and my skills, blah, blah. It went well, even though I didn’t really know what they expected. They asked me if I had photoshop and Indesign Skills. I said no, and then I went with “I’d like to learn, on the job, like a trial and error thing – except with no errors.” I meant to say ‘fewer errors’ but eh, they laughed and I take it as a good sign.

I might not be selected. I know that the other two applicants have both been editors of The Xpress and the Ithaka journal and have experience with Photoshop and Indesign and are probably more mature, since they’re almost two years older. But hey, it’s the participation and not the end prize that counts.

Hurrah for me doing this.

Hurrah for me doing this.

So here I am, with an interview that went well, made me some new friends, got some very unconditional love and support from my best friends and some other fun learning stuff. I can hold on to that. This’ll come in handy, someday.

So here’s to holding on, because you know we’ll make it through.

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.


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