Baby Steps To Doing What You Want To

This is the real, this is the 'me'.

This is the real, this is the ‘me’.

Some things take time to learn and understand. So here’s what I did today, some of these things I rarely or never do.

  • Wearing a dress for Sunday Mass, one I bought for a feast mass no less – Now, here’s the thing, I like to dress up quickly and get in and out of church as soon as I can. So jeans, a comfortable t-shirt and some tissues are what I wear and have every Sunday. But today, I decided to wear a dress. Because hey, my legs are still shaved from Easter last Sunday and that dress is really pretty.
  • Wearing a flower crown at home – I like flower crowns, I’ll admit it. My friend is witness to the amount of hemming and hawing I did before I finally admitted I wanted one and bought it. Heck, I even went ahead and into the venue and then later came out to buy the crown for fifty bucks. [The boy initially asked for eighty, what a rip off.]
  • Snapchat, Selfies and Cheekbones – I dislike the word selfie for some reason, makes me think of it as degrading. But I do like taking them – funky ones, where I look good. And hell, why shouldn’t I show them off to the world via Snapchat which is so much fun.

This is what you need to heed.

So here’s my day today – a lot of laptop, some thigh pain and some self-discovery. All in all, a good day.

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.

[P.S – Tomorrow’s my Malhar OC interview, hopefully, it’ll go well and maybe, just maybe, I’ll get the spot. So tomorrow’s blog post will be about that, obviously. And in other news, I’ve started watching Orange is The New Black, season 2 and I must say, I have missed the crazy.]


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