Jus In Bello: Stop With The Money Making

So apparently, some idiot telecom companies [who are actually dead smart] want the end of Net Neutrality in India.

Watch this: AIB – Save The Internet

So apparently, being multi-billionaires isn’t enough for these people. They want to loot us more and more. At first when I heard about this, I thought it was all a joke, a prank. I mean, who the hell came up with the idea that we should be paying for every website we access or every app we use? The whole idea seemed so ridiculous to me until a barrage of blog posts, petitions, videos and other things brought to realize that this was indeed something that was happening and that our government was even giving them a listening ear. Well to be fair, we are far too hospitable with parasites and evil people [I mean, we gave Kasab biryani and everything, seriously.]

Net Neutrality Matters. A lot.

Net Neutrality Matters. A lot.

But seriously though, why is this even a thing. Why pay for something that was created so that EVERYONE could use it freely and equally. The internet is a vast void and we need to keep it from making boundaries, otherwise it’ll be like the earth, a bunch of websites [countries] fighting for power [money].

FCC Riles Oliver Stone to Jello Biafra on Web Fast-Lane Vote

For those of you who are Indian, and haven’t signed the petition yet, please, I urge you to do so immediately. Sign the petition here – Net Neutrality. Also, TRAI has asked for emails [I hope it hits them when they can’t do it for free from their phones] and you can send a fully written email in two clicks answering their bloody number of questions here – Save The Internet.

Use your brains and sign these things, they’re important and deserve your attention NOW. Especially since TRAI is nly accepting emails until 24th of April.

They're lying.

They’re lying.

Do your bit, make the net neutral.

Tweet and Share and spread awareness with #SaveTheInternet, #NetNeutrality and #TRAIListen

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.


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