I Don’t Remember What I Did Last Summer – Fridays With Friends: Christina Fernandes

Howdy! I am pleased to announce a new segment – Fridays With Friends.


And today my first friend to grace my blog is Christina Fernandes. Her blog – Capricious Flibbertigibbet. Xtina, as i fondly call her, [not so fondly at times too], loves Jesus, Coldplay and Twitter. She adores Castle and its actors – Nathan and Stana and has a witty repertoire every time I speak to her. She is my only classmate [one I like] in Anthropology and we also share English Literature. Xtina is smart, funny, and kind and she has also paid me for this. [JK].

Here’s her beautiful article:

On being asked to write for this blog, I promptly agreed [perhaps a little too enthusiastically], and as much as Nia would like to kid herself into believing that I was excited to write for her, it’s not the truth. I’m excited to pen words down only because it will ensure some sort of productivity on my part. You’ll get my drift soon enough.

SUMMER. The very word elicits feelings of happiness and elation within me. I look out my window and see the tree, whose flowers bloom and grow only in May making it look ever-so-glorious, standing firmly and shining brightly in the sun. [I don’t know why I feel the need to get all poetic whenever I write. Anyway…] Everything is so noisy [but in a nice way] and beautiful – apart from the dreadful rising temperature, of course.

To me, summer is about taking a break from my regular life, and doing everything I WANT TO do, without any inhibitions [which is what I do throughout the year, minus the feeling-guilty-for -procrastinating-when-I-could-be-studying bit.]. It should come as no surprise, then, that my summers are always extremely unproductive. I have so many plans – learning something new, developing skills, interning, even – which remain but plans.

To be honest, my summers are pretty monotonous, with nothing interesting enough ever happening in them that is worth blogging about, which is why I usually refrain from blogging about it because it leads me to feel like an utter waste of space when I read other ‘perfect summer’ blogs online. I never travel anywhere; I don’t go to the beach to sunbathe [sitting in my house serves the purpose well enough, but not like I’m trying or anything.]; I don’t party all day; or any other glamorous thing people tend to do during their summer. My summers start on a high, with me feeling very excited and determined, binge-reading books, binge-watching TV shows/movies, and all of it slowly leads to my feeling useless and guilty for wasting the months of free time I’ve had after I hear of how my friends spent their summer.

Most of my summers are a blur, since nothing out of the ordinary happens in them. But they’re not as dull as they may seem. I have had some fun, worth-talking-about things that happened to me over the years.

  • Like the time I lent my face… as a canvas for a face-painting competition. It was wonderful, although sitting still the whole time was quite possibly one of the most challenging things I’ve had to do.

    Xtina & Friend.

    I think my face makes a mean shark.

  • Or the time I decided to take a trip down memory lane- blowing bubbles with friends and feeling ridiculously happy, like a 5 year old.
  • The time I accompanied my sister when she wanted to go swimming was not so much fun for me as it was for her. I couldn’t swim, so I made my way around by flapping about. Thankfully, I was tall enough and could get away with just walking around in the water.
  • Or even the time I totally butchered a red velvet cupcake mix while trying my hand at baking. I hate talking about it, though.

All these moments may seem so ordinary, but this is what I look forward to every summer- taking these seemingly ordinary happenings and turning them into something worth remembering and smiling about.

My summer is about relaxing. It’s about actually taking time out to appreciate my life and everything in it, because I never bother doing so throughout the year. I’m at home for the most part, and somehow, I like it better like this. Not because it’s a familiar routine and I haven’t tried anything new, but because that’s what summer is to me- being free, using the time to do things you want to [even if it’s just lazing around and eating all day], and above all, having the time of your life.


Thank you, Christina, for being a guest on my blog. And bless you for being the first person to agree to write and send me your stuff on time [colour me very surprised].

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.


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