Huzzah For Books & FanFiction

I’ve finished Masquerade from the Blue Bloods saga and have discovered that there are seven novels in the series and I thought, No way am I reading seven books about vampires in Manhattan, these books should have ended on Book 3. There’s a lot of hemming and hawing and too many unnecessary subplots that are just dragging the story.

In other news, I have read twenty books this year already. That might seem less, but last year I read all of eighteen books and that was with a three month vacation in my hand. I blame Supernatural for that. I binge watched that show and now am certifiably obsessed with it. So this year, I decided to read at least forty-seven to fifty novels because if I call myself a bookworm, I must read like one.


Books are amazing things. Words combined together from the 26 alphabets, several languages and so many stories. Oh god, the feels they bring along are just.


The best books make you want to cry, laugh, sob, drown in an ocean of feelings and yet, you love them. Unless you feel that a particular book now owns a part of your soul forever, that book has failed. There are other things too – FANFICS.


Personally, I adore fanfics. Well-written ones, with canon behaviour make my heart sing. But I wonder why reading fanfics don’t count as reading books, someone has clearly put in time and effort and it is certainly not easy, yet they are treated as lesser. Published doesn’t have universal meaning, you know. I know for a fact that if Fanfics were counted, the amount of Lily and James fanfics I consumed last year would be in the low hundreds. For that matter, I think this year’s too would be somewhere in the hundreds.

Something I read on tumblr, but cannot find now, makes me want to read more and more fanfiction. They’d said, “It’s so wonderful to read about the same people falling in love over and over again, in different universes and settings, really gives you hope.” And that is something that keeps me going. If I can stand love and romance in books, stomach them in fanfiction and love, love so much, then it must be something that is possible. So if I can read several hundred stories featuring the same characters and similar [canon] storylines, you better not fuck with my OTP and call them names.



So let Dan educate you. And books and fanfics are my life, so tread lightly. Because after the books end, fanfics help me wipe my tears away.

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.


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