Free Me From The Clutches Of Laziness

My exams ended on March 26th and today is April 7th, which means a total of twelve days have past since my vacations began last month. And other than a daily blog, I have nothing productive to show the world as results of my holiday work. Oh and I have read a fair few number of novels including Simon vs The Homo Sapien Agenda which hits bookshelves everywhere today. [It’s been touted as the next YA novel craze, you should read it – my review: Here.]

One of the reasons I’ve been doing nothing except watching episodes of Modern Family and Supernatural over and over again is simply the fact that I believe holidays and vacations are meant for freedom and relaxation. But here’s the thing, it also pushes you into a deep spiral of laziness from which escape is truly difficult.


I’ve turned into my childhood.

It’s a wonder I’ve reached ‘F’  on the A-Z blog challenge and that is due to sheer pigheadedness, mostly.


But here’s the thing – holidays are also those times where you get opportunities and time and energy to do things, experience stuff you’re usually busy to do. I have two months before me to intern at places, to work for my college’s fest, to write two novels and all I’m doing it sitting in front of the laptop watching Sam and Dean struggle with the bloody Mark of Cain.


RDJ gets me.

I like lazing around. I’ll admit it. I don’t like moving if I’ve got a good book or a nice show or movie to watch. I’d choose staying at home over going out and doing things – mainly because my locality has nothing to offer, in terms of areas or people. It’s a sad place to be social, that’s why I don’t try.


Anthem of my life.

Another reason I’ve been delaying writing my applications for organizer for my college festival  – Malhar, is that I am afraid. Not of not being selected, but rather of being selected and then doing a shitty job. I don’t even know the necessary things they need me to know and heck, I’ll have to teach people that. And I did a brief internship at a comic book’s HQ before I had to leave as health reasons did not permit me to keep travelling. And it sucks. Because it was my dream internship, only I didn’t dream it being snatched away in two weeks. I had my whole summer planned.

Intern there, apply for head of a particular department [backup plan: Sub-Head] and read a certain set of novels. But now, nothing is the same. I’m so confused and irritated and scared – one decision to either do this or that or both could really change my life. These are things are are important to me, important for me to succeed. But what do I do if things don’t go according to plan?

I mean, plans are the very basis of my life. And I do things after thinking about them –  a lot. But sometimes, an impulsive decision is good to shake things up a bit – not too much though.

So I don’t know what I’ll end up doing finally. But I’ll keep you posted, because one thing is staying – Summer 2015 is well on its way to being my first summer blog.

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.

[P.S – My new phone seems to be working well, after a few hiccups of course, so yay for positive things. Oh, and don’t mind the gifs, I seem to have many on laziness.]


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