Dancing Queen, Only Seventeen

I turned eighteen a little over a month ago. And so far, adulthood is nothing different or interesting, except for the fact that banks now want me to come over and sign loads of documents, make a Pan Card, etc etc.


Adulthood so far is boring, nothing special. I think it is because here in India, we don’t move out either to college or to another place of our own once we attain adulthood. We stay with our parents until we want to or until we get married [by choice or not] and move out only then.


Being 18 does have some perks.

I miss being seventeen. There are responsibilities that are placed on you once you turn eighteen. It’s so funny, like someone on Twitter pointed out – a month ago, I had to ask permission to go to the bathroom during a lecture, and now you expect me to make the right decision all the time, to vote, to have sex [for girls, boys can have sex at 21 here in India], to get married. How hypocritical of you.

Seventeen meant that I had three more years until I wasn’t a teen anymore, until I didn’t have to make career choices. At eighteen, the whole world seems to be looking at you through a magnifying glass, telling you not to make a mistake yet at the same time, hoping you do.

I loved being seventeen, I was the Dancing Queen. Maybe I’ll grow to loving eighteen before I am inevitably shoved towards nineteen.

Maybe you can be the Dancing Queen at 18 too.

Maybe you can be the Dancing Queen at 18 too.

A very happy Easter to everyone, have a blissful weekend.

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.

P.S – Tomorrow’s a break, I can write a blog post starting with any alphabet. Looking forward to writing something that does not have a title that begins with ‘E’.Sundays are the best.


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