Catching Happiness & The Play

I am a firm believer that happiness is like opportunity, they knock on your door and if you’re too busy being an idiot or being sad, they’re gonna go away. And in my eyes, the best thing you can do to be happy is just be yourself. All the time, even in front of your boss [but not too much] unless you’re Weird Steve, then please adopt a Normal Steve persona in public.

Being yourself is the best way to be happy in life. – Nia Carnelio.

I am also a firm believer in making your own happiness and choosing things that make you happy. I mean, how hard is it to chose what makes you happy rather than what makes you look good? Very difficult. But that choice, choosing happiness is half the battle won. We all must actively seek out and choose to be happy instead of letting happiness and joy come and choose us whenever they feel like it. This is no way trying to lessen the struggle of those who fight against mental illness and live each day in a battlefield, that is something else altogether and something I am saving for a future post.

The summary of my blog post today is – Choose you own happiness, make yourself happy in the things you choose to do.


Anyway, the plan for today’s blog post was a new segment I wanted to introduce – Fridays With Friends. But unfortunately, none of my friends were free and ready to write this Friday. They’re all basking in Goa, or studying for exams or being vela in life. But I did do something for a friend and I think that counts as a Fridays With Friends post. I wrote a short story for a friend’s blog – Ipshita. She’s doing a piece on Modern Retelling of Fairy Tales and she got a bunch of her friends, including me to writing modern day retellings of fairy tales. I chose to write mine on the Princess and The Frog. Yesterday, I happened to post a short excerpt of the story on my blog, and today, I link you to the entire story –

Title: The Play.

Words: 1,233  – A short story.

Follow her blog for more stories as part of her Progressive Parables collaboration with fellow bloggers. [Especially since the way she’s title it is so cool  – Progressive Parables, wow.]

If any of my readers would like to collaborate with me on such amazing ideas, I am always willing. Email me the deets on and I’ll reply promptly.

Also if you’re wondering about the very short post on Catching Happiness, I’m learning that it is not that easy to word your blog posts alphabetically. For instance, I have three blog posts ready for the letter ‘S’ and two for the letter ‘K’ but I have to write something for a title that begins with ‘D’ tomorrow. Hopefully, because tomorrow is Holy Saturday and I’ll be going for mass in the evening, you’ll get to see a more content-filled blog post by afternoon.

In other news, my new phone seems to be working stunningly. I have downloaded snapchat and when  I put up my snapchat ID on twitter, two friends told me that people send nudes. Like for the love of god, don’t send me nudes. Anyway, I took down that tweet and changed my privacy settings even though I only plan on snapchatting my books and Harry Potter headcannons.

Writing Jily fanfics and a small progress on my novel for Camp Nano has kept me busy and I have revisited the happiness that writing brings me. Especially since I am not posting it anywhere and the fact that I am writing for the love of it.

Supernatural Pictures make me HAPPY.

Supernatural Pictures make me HAPPY.

I hope you’ve had a more productive day than I have. Or I hope you have had as relaxed a day as I have.

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.


Go, seek your happiness.


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