Brand New Phone & Maundy Thursday

Aloha people of this planet!

Everyone who knows me is heaving a sigh of relief – my new phone finally arrived this afternoon. My old phone has been with me for almost three years now and it has fared decently, but not well. In a few words, it has lost it’s screen-guard, the protector and even the outer ring. It was a corpse of a phone by the end. But it has served me well and I am sorry to see it go.


Also in other news, today is Maundy Thursday. For those of you who aren’t Catholic or Christian,Maundy Thursday is a celebration of the last meal of Jesus before he was crucified on Friday [Good Friday] and before he rose on Sunday [Easter]. If his life were a novel, then the the Passover in the Old Testament would be foreshadowing of this meal. Generally, this day is happier than Good Friday [obviously] and people rejoice in the fact that he gave us the Eucharist and the practice of breaking bread with each other in a community setting.

But recently I’ve changed my ideas of faith and belief in God and the Supernatural towards agnosticism. I mean, I think God exists and I do pray to him at times [while travelling and during exams] I don’t really know. I don’t think anybody does. I really don’t think an all-loving, ever-compassionate God will put me in Hell, because of few years of reluctant faith.

I do think prayer and spirituality is important in a person’s life. Religion, where I live especially determines the kind of person you will be because of the religious values you choose to follow. Religion and Spirituality is important here in India, people are given respect here depending how deep their faith is.


And sometimes I think it is a bit ridiculous. Shouldn’t we make humanity and kindness the principal religion? That seems like something that would end wars and stop terrorist attacks.

And it would help me catch my forty winks at home rather than during the sermon at mass.


Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.


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