April Fool’s Day & Writing A Short Story


Just dropping by to say I’m giving up writing forever. I think I am a shitty writer, who is just forcing herself into a world she hates. That’s all.

Goodbye. – Nia Carnelio.


Okay, you guys know that was a joke. Course you do. Anyway, I have some excellent news. I am participating in the A-Z Blogging challenge all throughout April. One blog post a day, except Sundays [but I write on Sundays too]. So that’s twenty-six days for twenty-six letters of the alphabet. The first post isn’t going to be very good but hey, we can’t always be good.

So here’s an extract of a story I wrote today. It’s for a friend’s blog because she is doing a set of blog posts on a Fairy Tale Retelling in the Modern World kinda theme.

The Play

Lily huffed with frustration at her partner’s incompetence.

It had been a long day and Samuel wasn’t helping matters as he fooled around throwing paper airplanes in the air. Lily was ready to tear her hair out of frustration, the play was in pieces and the show opened next week. Chaos reigned in the theatre department and nobody was taking their role seriously anymore.

“ENOUGH.” She yelled with a note of finality in her voice and everyone in the room stopped to look at her.

Flipping her red hair over her shoulder, she stared at everyone on stage in front of her – from Samuel who had stopped with a paper plane landing at his feet, to Alicia who looked up from her place at the piano as she wondered what had happened.

“Okay, the play opens in less than a week and we are in no form to present to over a hundred people, half of whom will our classmates who will leave no opportunity to make fun of us.” Lily fumed as she paced the stage, “Samuel, you honestly suck at your role. You haven’t bothered to learn the lines nor do I see any inclination that you will anytime soon. Anna, for the love of god, tell me when the props are going to be ready to practise with, if they will ever. Ryan, as the King you’re supposed to know when to come in – you’ve barely shown up for any practices, how on earth are you going to know about your role?”

Pushing the hair outside her eyes, she sighed as she looked at their blank faces and then muttered, “Fine. Whatever, see if I care.” She then proceeded to methodically gather her things and walk out of the auditorium, wondering what they were going to do when the curtain went up on Saturday.

As she walked down the corridors of her school, footsteps chased her as someone came running out of the auditorium.

“Samuel.” She noted in a flat voice as he came to a stop in front of her.

“Look Lily, we’re sorry. We didn’t know how much the play meant to you.” Samuel told her earnestly, two pink spots on his cheeks.

Lily scowled. “Well, how could you? You’re busy playing the fool whenever I say something and you instigate the others too. You don’t really care what I feel, or how the play goes – you’re here so I won’t go and complain to Professor Pritchett and get your grade lettered down. You’re a toad, you are.” She finished, giving him a disgusted look.

“Fine, whatever, just turn up tomorrow and we’ll have a run through with the lines.” Samuel sighed as Lily nodded stiffly and walked away.

I know it’s not very good and the title is very generic and boring but I always have problem writing short stories. I haven’t seemed to got the craft down. Hopefully, with practice, I’ll learn.


I’d love for some feedback about that short excerpt and you can see the whole story on my friend’s blog when I post the link soon. Oh! And I might be doing Camp NaNo – my name is thebookiee over there, so yeah. Hopefully, I’ll be writing a lot this summer.

Love always,

Nia Carnelio.

[P.S – The April’s Fools Day prank was necessary because I need to start a blog post from the letter ‘A’.]


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