Zen Is A Myth, Chaos Reins Supreme

Thirty Days, thirty posts.

We have reached the end of the journey, the destination we forged our way towards.

So, I’ve managed to do it – 30 posts, one for each day of April.

It’s been a wonderful month so far. A whole month filled with good news and bad, but more good than bad. And I’ve discovered a huge life hack. Any failure or bad thing can be spun to be good if you look at it thinking –

‘Everything happens for a reason’.

I pretty much live my life by this motto.

So here’s a short bulletin about my life in April 2015:

  • April 1st, I wrote a short story for my friend Ipshita’s blog – The Play.
  • April 3-10th, I wrote my application and applied for Organizer – In – Charge, Raga, Malhar 2015. Didn’t succeed.
  • April 7th, Participated in the Young Adult Scavenger Hunt [YASH].
  • April 9th, I was told I won twenty books from Team Teal [one I almost didn’t fill because the colour seemed stupid].
  • April 14th, I was told I didn’t get the job. I rejoiced slightly.
  • April 21st, I applied for Organizer, [Blog, specifically] Raga, Malhar 2015.
  • April 27th, I was told I had made Organizer, Raga 2015.
  • April 29th, I was told I got the Malhar Blog. I am currently BLOG OG.

This month I have caught up on Supernatural, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory and started Game of Thrones. I have just finished the second season of Game of Thrones and so far, it’s been something alright. I also finished the second season of Orange is New Black and I am eagerly waiting for the third season, premiering in June.

It’s love. It’s two people connecting … with four other people. And aliens.” – Suzanne Warren, aka Crazy Eyes.


I’ve read nine books this month as I write this post –

  1. Vampire Academy, 1st April.
  2. Frostbite, 3rd April.
  3. Shadow Kissed, 5th April.
  4. Blue Bloods, 8th April.
  5. Masquerade, 9th April.
  6. Teaching The Boss, 14th April.
  7. Alive, 20th April.
  8. The Demigod Diaries, 23th April.
  9. Tall, Tatted and Tempting, 24th April.
  10. [currently reading] Redesigned, 30th April.
I'm a book hoarder, I am.

I’m a book hoarder, I am.

I watched the film Evan Almighty, and it was quite good.

It’s been a great month, book-wise. My friend is giving away her books and I’ve asked for a few. I won two other books, one an ARC, another an ebook. I’m going to be reading a lot this year. My GPA weeps, it’s fallen this semester, currently standing at 3.52. Sigh. Must make efforts to study more these two sems.

April has been chaotic, busy and has passed by in a flurry of activity. This blog has served as an online diary of sorts and I’ve grown to love writing daily [at times]. Hopefully, the month of May will be as awesome and maybe even better, than April 2015.

Adios April 2015.

Welcome, May 2015.

Welcome, May 2015.

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.


Yeah, The End Is Nigh

Today was the first official meet of the Raga Organizers and Organizer-In-Charge and it went quite well, I would say. But enough about that already [especially since deets are confidential and cannot be shared here] .

It’s been a little over a month that I started this Summer Blog and it has been quite a journey. Every evening I realize I haven’t written anything and then I’ll curse myself for thinking of a daily-blog. It’s irritating, when all you want to do is watch the next episode of Game of Thrones, the new episodes of Modern Family, Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, you have to put them on hold, think of something interesting to write about and then – write it.

Yes, it’s quite the task.

I’ve managed to do it though, through frustration, through laziness, procrastination and even when there was literally nothing to write about. Eventually, material just came through. And I wrote, and wrote, and wrote some more.

The blog posts should get either longer or shorter, depending on my days – the busier I am, the lesser I will write while relatively free days should see longer posts.

I hope to read a book between today and tomorrow, because I really want to have read ten books in the month of April, reading has been very fruitful, I’ve made so many friends, especially on Twitter, learned about so many authors and books and it’s been amazing so far and I really want to continue this further. So more reading, yes.

I’ll soon put up a list of all the unread books I own so I can go about crossing them off and you guys can push me to read them quicker – I’ve got books from LA 2013 still lying around unread. Sob.

Judge me not.

Judge me not.

But anyway, today I’d like to thank you for following my blog, for reading my questionable posts with song lyrics as titles and you’ve been kind enough to come back too. I just wanted to share something else too –

I’ll be handling the official Malhar Blog this year.



Come say hi, I would love it if you do.

You're awesome, you.

You’re awesome, you.

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.

Xavierite? No? Your Guide To Malhar 2015.

So you’ve been reading my blog and I’ve mentioned the words Malhar, OC, OG and College fest a fair amount this past month and here is the down low on Malhar – Presented by St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. [We’re Autonomous, just in case you didn’t know].

Arguably, the best Malhar that ever was.

Arguably, the best Malhar that ever was.

I’ve been in St. Xavier’s since 2012, and unfortunately, I couldn’t participate in Malhar Local, since application deadlines for volunteers had passed. I did apply for Raga, Malhar’s official newsletter in 2013. Malhar Zara Hatke accepted me with open arms and I have been a part of Raga for two years now – both as a volunteer [Malhar – A Renaissance, 2014].

Malhar is one of the oldest fests in our city, it began in 1979 and according to sources, Raga was born in 1989. Malhar is the second largest inter-collegiate youth festival in Asia. A sub-department of Literary Arts, Raga split away from LA and has been separate ever since. We’re the smallest department in the whole of Malhar, well, Finance is, but we’re the smallest with volunteers.

Malhar is ruled by a hierarchy of students. Faculty rarely interferes with prep for the fest which is held in August. The Chairperson, and the three Vice Chairpersons are chosen in March, with interviews happening in February. Yes, we start that early. You think that being an amazing fest comes just like that?

The Organizers In Charge are chosen in the first two weeks of April after our End Semester Exams [ESEs] and then the last two weeks are for choosing the Organizers. So in layman’s terms – OCs are Heads while OGs are sub-heads of a particular department.

Chairperson  – VCP Events, VCP Conclave and VCP Management are called the Quartet and they are the highest on the hierarchy with the OCs under them and their specific departments and then come the OGs and finally, the volunteers. The Organizing Committee makes up 150 people and the volunteers are 1300 in number. The entire college gets into it, whether they want to or not. Malhar is life, for many.

Departments among the Events include: Literary Arts[LA], Raga, Indian Performing Arts [IPA], World Performing Arts [WPA], Administration[Admin], Workshops Inc.[Winc], Fine Arts[FA] and Entertainments, Theatricals and Contests [ETC].

Departments under Management include: Assistance, Computers [Comps], Graffix, Hospitality [ Hospi], Technicals [fondly called TEXXX], Logistics [Logs], Security, Souvenirs, Public Relations, Marketing and Finance.

Conclave, a session of talks is the only department under Conclave. Day One of Malhar is reserved for Conclave. We’ve had speakers from every field come and talk [name drop – 2013, His Holiness, The Dalai Lama].

Security, Assistance, Logs and Texxx are nicknamed the Big Four because they command the largest number of volunteers.

The months May-August pass in a flurry of preparation for the arrival of Malhar, aptly named as it falls in the middle of Monsoon in Mumbai. Popular events include Mr. And Ms. Malhar, former events of Street Dance and Bollywood Dance. The colleges take home trophies and prizes and the experience of being part of a fest that is a way of life to Xavierites.

AmNite is a Malhar tradition, held on the second evening / night of Malhar and singers, dancers, performers from the college are chosen to entertain those who form the workforce and this is a college party to be remembered as is the Closing Ceremony on the third night where we bid farewell to our fest for another year.

Five years, or three, if you’re less fortunate is all you get in Xavier’s [unless you fail or come back, but semantics], and every year that you do Malhar is something new gained.

If you’ve come to watch an event or take part in one, you’re one of the 30,000 who’ve set foot in our home of the past few months. Malhar is something we are immensely proud of contributing our hard work and talent to. We make new friends, some for life, we learn new things and we experience it all in these months.

Malhar is something we love. Even if we will eventually have to give it up some day.

We are Malhar.

We are Malhar.

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.

P.S – I’m also posting this on my primary blog, it’s been kinda lonely off late. I miss writing there and this blog post fits on both my blogs.

Walk Walk, Fashion Baby

Yes, those are Gaga lyrics you see as the title of today’s blog post.



I’ve been obsessed with Glee’s cover of Born This Way and Bad Romance off late, they keep popping into my head several times a day.

Also, I am heartbroken. Renly Baratheon was cruelly murdered by Stannis Baratheon’s witch lady Melisandre – the actress plays her to perfection, which is why the character disgusts and creeps me out as much as Lord Baelish, aka, Littlefinger. But enough about Game of Thrones – of which I know so, so many spoilers.


As you can tell, I support Daenerys.

On the Malhar front, out of my friends – one has become Organizer in Charge, two other Organizers and one didn’t make it through. Me? I’m still waiting for the call that will let me know if I’ve made it through or not. And I have to say I am extremely impatient about it. I promise to edit this post as soon as I get to know.

I love these text posts and pictures.

I love these text posts and pictures.

Other than that, at the sleepover I went for on Saturday, we discussed how there are several other things to do rather than just sit in front of a laptop or a TV, streaming countless episodes as we binge watch a show or several. I realize I’ve been spending a lot of time on my laptop, in front of a screen and it’s making me wonder if I’m missing out on things I should be doing, learning and experiencing. But then, even if I wanted to get a hobby or something  – what about reading and writing, my ever-present hobbies which more often than not have to be done on electronic devices that are slowly killing my eyes.

Decisions, decisions.

Oh, today, I have a photograph of the Dahisar river, where I live – or how it was earlier before people befouled it with garbage, sewage and made it a marsh and a sewer.

2015-04-27 17.17.43

The Dahisar River.

If you’d see it now, you’d cry. Thank you, Ryan for the picture.

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.

[P.S – I had mail from France today, Paris specifically – Until The Beginning by Amy Plum arrived today.]

Death, Fire and Blood


That’s how I’d describe the season finale of Game of Thrones Season One. Let’s be rational, at this point, the season almost five years old, there is no hope of keeping the show spoiler free.

So death. And a lot of it. And fire. And blood. That’s the show in three words. And I loved this episode. My favorite character is Daenerys and I was heartbroken for her when Khal Drogo was turned into a vegetable. Some might say ‘Stockholm Syndrome,’ I say, true love and kindness and fierce respect [kinda]. I am truly sorry to see Drogo leave. Daenerys has lost her parents, brothers and her husband. But now she has dragons and if you’ve read Harry Potter you know – Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus – never tickle a sleeping dragon.

Daenerys, Mother of Dragons.

Daenerys, Mother of Dragons. 

I’ll probably begin the second season either today or tomorrow. I’ve only had six hours of sleep, divided between twelve hours and I am not used to functioning on that small an amount of sleep.

That brings me to news about my sleepover last night. We had loads of fun -we ate pizza, played dumb charades, bitched about people, gossiped, gave excellent advice to some serious problems and then when there weren’t any solutions, offered our shoulders to each other. We also watched Friends – The One With The Football [yours truly chose that particular episode] before we all went to bed at four in the morning.

We had to wake at eight thirty though, there was a block on the railways a couple of us had to go home by. So it was a very short nap we all took before we ended the sleepover,

On the OG newsfront, I have none. The calls are expected tomorrow [since they didn’t come today] and hopefully, mine’s a positive one. If not, there’s always going to be something else to be done. Failure is an integral part of life.


Will let you all know when the call does come. What did arrive last evening is another YASH book, five have arrived.

Also, sometimes I think, after so many people have read my primary blog – Freedom and Inspiration, I must know what a good blog post consists of. But then I’m proven wrong. For instance, any short update and diary-like entry as a blog post seems to get more views and likes than say, an article I wrote on Cyber Bullying. If anyone can explain other than what I’ve gleaned- the former is short and interesting, because hey, a glimpse into others’ lives and the latter is boring and dull and not something you want to waste ten minutes reading. Humor and sarcasm and Game of Thrones are the selling points of my blog. Heh heh.

Not today, Arya Stark. Not today.

Not today, Arya Stark. Not today.

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.

Very Overwhelmed and Amazed – Game of Thrones and YASH Books


As I write this I am mentally selecting things I need to pack for a sleepover I am going to tonight! I am so very excited, my friends and I are always searching for a time that works well with everyone and today is the day! Come Monday, we will know the results of our OG applications and we’ll be swamped with work – Malhar and / or Internships beckon us.

More like, Game of Sex and Violence.

More like, Game of Sex and Violence.

I just finished nine episodes of the first season of Game of Thrones and Christ, is there a lot of violence and sex in the series! Unfortunately, I cannot watch the finale until tomorrow [said sleepover] but I am very excited and disturbed at the same time. I love Daenerys Targaryen and Arya Stark and among the males, Jon Snow holds my affection. My friend has warned me not to love any character but what can I say, I’m a rebel [and you try and be neutral to Maisie Williams who is an absolute muffin and who also appeared in a video with Caspar Lee – one of my favorite YouTubers].


I am not used to watching shows about the olden [fantasy & made-up] lands and times. Supernatural stuff and Aliens are my forte and then some realistic stuff thrown in, which indicates Sherlock. I am not used to shows where the main characters don’t return after being murdered. This is an all new level of heartbreak for me and of course, Joffrey is such a bastard.

I used to think the show was hyped too much and it kinda is. There are better shows with better plots, but this one is really good too. It’s like Harry Potter in a way, hyped up by the adults this time. Except Harry Potter is life.

I have received four books from my YASH winnings – Between the Notes, Fingers in The Mist,  The Rules and My Best Everything. I am superbly ecstatic and eager to read them!

I hope you have a wonderful day and night and I’ll return tomorrow with the news if I made OG, how the sleepover went, my thoughts on the season one finale and so on.

Haley, you're a gem.

Have a great day, you. 

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.

[P.S – Love the fact that so many Harry Potter actors are in the Game of Thrones. Tonks, Mrs. Granger, Filch, I love them already.]

Under Summer’s Heavy Burden – Fridays With Friends: Sai Pitre

Aloha my friends!

Today is Friday and we all know what that means – and if you don’t, you will now – Fridays With Friends! Every Friday I ask one of my friends to guest-write for my summer blog. Not because I’m lazy, definitely not. Heh heh.


April 24th, Friday belongs to Sai Pitre, another amazing friend from college who writes fanfiction here. She very kindly submitted hers on 14th April boy, are you in for a great post. Sai is by her own words – a fangirl and a wanderer. But I know her as a witty, funny and intelligent pal who delivers her articles on time! She is a lover of Castle, also likes Glee, Brooklyn 99 and Pushing Daisies and has as many shows [and maybe more] on her harddisk as I do. She also has excellent taste in music. So, without anymore chit-chat, here’s Sai’s article –

The Seasons Of Summer

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” 

– F. Scott Fitzgerald

I’ve lived through eighteen summers of which I remember maybe a dozen or so. Hereto, they have been incredible, each and every one of them. The summer is like the soundtrack to all my favourite memories. It was summer when I found freedom, when I found love and when I found adventure. And that’s why I love summer. Not because I get to wear shorts 24×7. Definitely not. Ok, ok, I’ll admit it. Maybe a little bit of both.


Over the years, I’ve noticed that all my summers follow a pattern, a pattern not unlike that of the seasons. And just like the seasons of the year, the seasons of my summer stay unchanged year after year, each fun in its own way:



College life is tedious, mostly because I have to wake up at 5.30 am six days a week. When the summer vacations begin, I’m determined to make them the antithesis of the academic year. This means you won’t find me awake before ten a.m. any day of the week. The ‘winter’ of my summer is meant for hibernation. It’s a lot of me, spread out flat in bed, reading a book for hours on end, or having timezone-transcending TV show marathons with nachos and Coke, and waking up the next day looking like a zombie. I also have this compulsive need to seek out junk food during this time. Here’s where I put on a few kilos and don’t even care because I’m having the best time ever. Needless to say, my mom isn’t very fond of this phase.



Obviously, my winter-summer (winmer? Alright, that’s it. I’m trade marking this business.) isn’t exactly sustainable. The bubble bursts soon enough, usually when I get my results. And suddenly, I start questioning what I’m doing with my life. With spring comes bloom and urgent reform. I start working out- going running, swimming, cycling; I visit my relatives- hang with the cousins, have dinners with the uncles and the aunts, solve my grandparents’ latest technological difficulty; I go meet friends I haven’t met in ages; I go to movies  and events and plays and dramas. The list is endless. I’m always out somewhere and nobody really sees me for longer than an hour. To put it in simple words, in sprimerTM , I ain’t got no chill.



Historically, I’ve not spent a single summer, since I was five, completely in my hometown. I’ve been to badminton camps, treks, road trips and even mountaineering courses. This is the ‘summer’ (summer2 ?) of the summer where I do those things that aren’t possible when school is on, the holiday segment of the vacation. There’s a planned schedule of activities waiting for a hyper excited version of me. I’m good at this part. I thrive on timetables and itineraries. Leave me to my own devices and I’ll squander my time away. But chain me to a calendar and I’ll be more efficient than a robot. Since my hobbies tend to be on the adventurous side, this phase is usually rigorous and physically draining. I usually emerge out the other side with a tan and/or rashes and some kind of sore throat.



The fall is time for nostalgia, merely days before school starts again. The photos from whatever course/camp/adventure I’ve had this year have arrived and I spend hours looking at them, picking my favourites. These days pass by very fast and the spectacle of a new academic year looms up ahead. It’s time for panic and feeling completely unprepared for the next semester. I rack my mind, wondering where all the time went. AutummerTM is full of regrets, goodbyes and reminiscence. And before you know it, summer is over. With the first drop of rain, the monsoon arrives, bringing along with it lectures and classrooms and an endless countdown to the next summer.

Don’t you hate to see summer go? Me too, me too.

Next year, we’ll meet again.


Thanks for giving me a chance to write on your blog. I feel honoured, really. Writing for ‘Fridays with Friends’ was a lot of fun. Stay as cheerful and loud vibrant as ever.

Much love,


Thank you so very much, Sai – for being a prompt deliverer of articles and an amazingly awesome friend – especially on Twitter [@pluckysaikick].

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.

The Demigod Diaries: Heroes of Olympus – Book Review

The Demigod Diaries: Heroes of Olympus – Book Review


I read the last book in the Percy Jackson series back in February and it was with a heavy heart that I bid goodbye to Percy and his friends, especially Nico who I’d come to love. So when I found that The Demigod Diaries was being sold for a really decent amount, hardcover no less, I couldn’t resist. I was so bloody happy I could read something about the PJO world again.


The book contains three short stories – The Diary of Luke Castellan, Percy Jackson and The Staff of Hermes and Leo Valdez and the Quest for Buford. The first two stories are like the first three seasons of Glee, with the old cast and all. The third story includes Leo, Piper and Jason. All of these take place before Gaia tries to take over the earth [and fails].

There is also a short story by Rick Riordan’s son Haley, and I will have a paragraph or two to say something about it.

  1. The Diary of Luke Castellan


OH GOD THIS STORY. Luke was such a strong character in the PJO books. Evil, but inherently strong and it’s in this story you realize why he loved Thalia and Annabeth so much. He might have had a crush on Annabeth, but he certainly treated them like family. The story tells us about how they were constantly on the move, battling the monsters demigods seem to attract all the time [this was before Grover, and before they met Annabeth]. Thalia and Luke end up in a House of Horrors, trapped with leucrotae, Halcyon Green and no way out. Here’s where we learn the reason Luke made the choice to kill himself and stop Kronos – the diary, his diary tells us about how Green gave up his life for them. The story behind Ageis [Thalia’s shield] is told and it really ties everything together, how Luke got the dagger that he gave to Annabeth, the one which saved and ended him. We hear two prophecies and we already know how they’re gonna come about. This story just made me drown in the feels. Luke was just a kid when he had to assume the role of an adult. Sob.

  1. Percy Jackson and The Staff of Hermes

Percy, Annabeth and Me.

It took me a while to adjust to the romance in the Heroes of Olympus series and shipping Percabeth took a lot out of me as well. I’d always thought of Annabeth as a Mary Sue character and she still is, kinda. But she sort of proved her worth when she and Piper were trapped in Blood of Olympus. Both the girls proved that they weren’t just sidekicks or for the romance. This story is the usual – Percy and Annabeth on a date, Hermes screwing up and losing his caduceus and asking for help. They manage to get it back [obviously] in time for a romantic date in Paris. I was just happy to read about my favourite characters again.

  1. Leo Valdez and The Quest For Buford
Seems interesting enough.

Seems interesting enough.

This story was nice, but I wasn’t really into it. Not as much as I was for the first story. Leo and Piper and Jason are probably cool characters and all, but my first love will always be the PJO series. Although I liked the Greek myth in this one – Maenads. I loved hearing the story of these party nymphs, made my night.

  1. Son of Magic, by Haley Riordan
Haley, you're a gem.

Haley, you’re a gem.

This story was something alright. Haley Riordan wrote this at sixteen and it’s clear, the writer genes run in the family. Here he explains the origin of the Mist and how it came to be, and what happened to those demigods that sided with Kronos. We got a look into how Hecate and her children are and I loved it so much I forgot I was reading another story by a different writer. He has written the story well, and for a change painted mortals as more than just collateral damage. Claymore and Alabaster, what wouldn’t I give to read some more about them.

I think I’d award a four star rating to this one. Simply because of the nostalgia and the Luke Castellan story which almost made me cry. Who knows why the Olympian gods are such dicks. Seriously, if you procreate, take care of it.

I hope to read some other short stories by Riordan Sr. soon. And I look forward to his Norse mythology series, Magus Chase [are you Annabeth’s relative?] we are excited to meet you.

Magnus, we await you.

Magnus, we await you.

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.

Short Update On My Life – Summer 2015

We interrupt this blog post session to bring you short, bulleted news about my Summer. Especially things in the past week, present and near future.

  • First thing first, I found two amazing gifs today. Jack Harkness [John Barrowman] is my spirit animal.

7MBl2q2                               RlYBd4t

  • I have my Raga OG interview tomorrow. I hope for success and I think I might be close. I mean, after a hattrick of failures [Raga OG 2014, Ithaka Editor 2014, Raga OC 2015], I’m due for a win.
  • My phone has finally been taken away, which means the money will be transferred soon and I will finally be able to get a decent phone. Suggestions welcome.
  • Camp NaNo has been a massive fail. I haven’t written a single word of any of my WIPs. Blogging and reading is the only thing I’ve been doing consistently.
  •  I have read two YA novels – Alive and Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda. And I seem to be rediscovering my love for books and binge-reading again.
  • I’m up to date on Supernatural, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory and I have just started the very first episode of Game of Thrones.
  • This year will be my third Malhar and I cannot wait for it. So excited and it’s only April. Malhar happens in August.
  • I won twenty YA books from the Young Adult Scavenger Hunt. The first one arrived on Sunday – My Best Everything, by Sarah Tomp. One down, nineteen more to come.
Snape and Dumbledore share my joy.

Snape and Dumbledore share my joy.

  • My GPA is going down, down, down. [Just like the Jay-Z song].
  • I’ll get to know how much its sunk on the 30th of April.
  • I am writing a new piece for a competition. It’ll be up tomorrow. Or on Sunday.
  • Currently Reading: The Demigod Diaries, Heroes of Olympus. Review to come tomorrow. I’m drowning in PJO feels.


  • I am so bloody happy that I have managed to get to the letter ‘S’ on the A-Z blogging challenge.


This has been great, tomorrow I will come with news about my interview. Oh and new episodes of Supernatural and Modern Family will be there too. It’s gonna be a good day.


Dean is better than Beyonce.

Dean is better than Beyonce.

Until tomorrow,

Nia Carnelio.

[P.S – I’ve reused my favorite gifs from blog posts across the month. I love them].

Recycle & Reuse: Cyber Bullying: The New Way – Confession Pages

Hullo! I found this article when I was searching for a writing sample for my Raga OG application which I just submitted. I had to edit this to 400 words, but I figured since this hadn’t been posted anywhere I remember [my primary blog], it was due for reuse.

Cyber Bullying: The New Way – Confession Pages

Bullying has been a part of humankind since the very beginning of time. The bigger, older and the meaner have ones always picked on the younger and defenceless. Sometimes, the bullied on will hit back and it will make a mark. The other times, it just fades away into oblivion with no one really caring about it anymore. And now the bullies have found a new way to make themselves and their cruel remarks heard – The Confession Pages.


This is a new, fool proof method of bullying. There’s no way it can be traced back to the perpetrator, since it is completely anonymous and the tracing would negate the point of having a confession page in the first place.

Confession pages have flooded the social networking site of Facebook and each institution, company and school has at least one confession page to its credit. The page is run by students or employees, none of whom are officially appointed and who are thus incapable of monitoring which posts should be made public and which should never see the light of day.

Several people get hurt in this new fashion of cyber bullying. People’s reputation’s get soiled, relationships and friendships are broken, people take to self-harm at times among many other things. Some like to bring down the popular people with a giant thud to the ground, not realizing that this might prove detrimental to their health.

Obnoxious statements are posted about people who then become the butt of several lengthy discussions on the validity of those statements. People manage to express what they feel, the good, the bad and the ugly on those confession sites, without a single thought about how the other person might feel.

And the third most involved person in this is the spectator himself. While he might have not posted the particular comment about XYZ, he or she will certainly participate in the shaming ceremony for fear of getting a hate confession about them.


Then there are those types of people who will post terrible comments about themselves in order to garner popularity and some sympathy from the audience. They will either pretend to be sad and disheartened or hit back with some pre-planned snarky comment to the self-posted confession. Certainly, these people must visit the nearest psychologist at the earliest.

And finally, there is the small percentage of the population that uses the confession pages for the purpose it had been created – for sappy declarations of love and affection. While it sounds nice and happy, the receiver might not agree for it creates certain problems with respect to their love lives and if an over-protective family member finds out about crushes and all those youth happenings, there might not be a happy ending in sight after all.

Confession pages have managed to tarnish reputations and break several relationships singlehandedly. They have manage to take over several lives as people sit in front of their laptops, either waiting for someone to confess about them or wondering what will people confess about them.

The sordid phenomenon is slowly releasing its grip on social media and there are many that are thankful for the end of its reign while there are several others who now realize that they must find new ways to stay undercover and bully people.