Practical Jokes and Pranks and Friendships

This day has been a good day.

Why? I hear you ask, and therefore I answer [even if you did not ask].

My friend had the amazing opportunity of an open facebook account of another friend and we utilised it completely – posting a really funny status about her getting a new Bowl Cut because she was missing studying for the exams and had really enjoyed them [she didn’t, nobody enjoys exams other than sadistic teachers and some seriously disturbed students].


But she had the last laugh as she kept texting me that she tanked her French school interview and the person there yelled at her and that she was in tears. What a hoot. She was actually pranking me. I should have figured that out because she is really, really, good at French. I fell for it once though, and it’s the last time. I’m thinking of an excellent prank for April’s Fools Day. That is going to be my revenge.

I met up with my best friends and we talked. The last time we did that, it was after someone we had known had died. We are all enjoying freedom (kind of) from exams and professors and annoying classmates. It reminded me of the time after my Board exams, both the times, the way we all met up and sat chatting for hours, even though we met everyday. I wonder how many topics we found to talk so vastly on a daily basis.

But then I guess that is what true friendship is, like your favorite food, even better. No matter how many times you see them, you are offered that food [mine is pizza], you will still have something new to talk about and will always want to eat that food offered to you.


Here’s to friends whom you can prank, who will prank you in return and with whom you can talk for ages, days on tend. These are the relationships to cherish and remember.

Love always,

Nia Carnelio.


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