The Circle Of Life: Summer Photos

I live in the city of Mumbai, and in probably one of the quietest places here, without a ‘Silence’ sign. I like the peace of my locality which is broken every evening when hordes of kids come down to play, one of them is my brother. I like seeing them play in the same place that I did, I enjoy telling them the games we played but somehow they have already learnt about the games and have been playing them for ages. That’s a weird thing about games, every generation knows the same ones but no one really knows where they come from or who was the first person to suggest playing them or whatever. It’s one of the mysteries of life.

2015-03-29 18.26.45

In front of my building, there is a tree. Right now, as you can tell by the picture below, it is pretty dried up and looks like it is about to die. The tree looks like that each summer before the month of May comes along and makes the tree come alive with some beautiful May flowers. [I didn’t forget the name, May Flowers are what they are called.]

2015-03-29 18.27.37

That is kinda the circle of life, innit? Everything has a time and place, everything has to be born and everything has to die sometime.

“Rejoice as summer should…chase away sorrows by living.”
― Melissa Marr, Darkest Mercy

And I leave you with one last picture I took with my dying phone today. My phone’s time has come and it has served me well and I look forward to getting a new one [I just have to decide which one, suggestions are welcome] soon.

2015-03-29 18.28.00

Goodbye dear old phone and see you in full bloom soon dear tree,


Nia Carnelio.


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